[Can you eat gourds in early pregnancy?

】 _Pregnant woman_Can you eat

[Can you eat gourds in early pregnancy?
】 _Pregnant woman_Can you eat

Gourd is a very common vegetable in summer. Gourd melon is usually used and eaten a lot. Many people usually like to eat gourd, gourd is even delicious, nutritional value is also very rich, when pregnantIn a relatively special period, the diet in daily life needs to be extraordinarily recognized. There are many things that cannot be eaten during pregnancy. Some pregnant women worry that eating calabash will affect the fetus.

Can you eat gourds in early pregnancy?

Of course you can eat gourds during pregnancy.

For pregnant women, it can be used as an important tonic, because during pregnancy, pregnant women’s immune system is very weak, and they need to supplement some important nutrients that are lacking during pregnancy.

The gourd is rich in iron, which is a necessary nutrient for pregnant women during pregnancy.

Because pregnant women need a lot of blood to maintain, they need to eat a lot of tonics to supplement iron.

Gourds are pure natural supplements with high iron content. What’s more important is vitamin C, another nutrient component contained in gourds, which is a component required by the human body to normally absorb iron.

Can pregnant women eat melon?

Gourd VA, VB, VC, carotene, and mineral nutrition are also very balanced. Proper mothers can consume vitamins, calcium and other beneficial ingredients, and promote nutrient absorption, which can relieve constipation and gum disease.

Expectant mothers must choose not bitter gourds, and they must be cooked thoroughly before eating, otherwise they are easily poisoned.

It is smooth and contains an interferon inducer, which can stimulate the body to produce interferon, improve the body’s immune ability, and have the same effect as zucchini.

After the fetal baby is supplemented with the embryo and protein in the pumpkin, it can maintain the normal operation of the body and promote physical and intellectual development.

The carotene and VA in pumpkin are beneficial to the development of fetal vision, while VC and VB can improve the immunity of vitamins and promote the normal development of the nervous system.

In fact, pregnant women can eat calabash gourd, there is no need to be so cautious or disturbed when eating calabash gourd or other vegetables, because as long as you eat them before pregnancy, there is no problem, you can still eat them after pregnancy, and do not need specialTaboo.

However, some foods for pregnant women cannot be eaten. Be careful when you are pregnant.

The nutritional value of the pumpkin has a certain effect on the growth and development of the body and maintains the physiological function of the body, but its nutritional value decreases with the score of other vegetables.

Different from other fruits, unless the melon or its leaves are eaten when it is tender, it will lose its food value when mature.

Gourd contains protein and a variety of trace elements, which can help enhance the body’s immune function.

At the same time, Gourd is rich in vitamin C, which can promote the synthesis of antibodies and improve the body’s antiviral ability.

Two kinds of protease inhibitors can be isolated from the pumpkin, which can inhibit the protease, thereby reducing the effect of sugar.

The content of carotene in quince is reduced. After eating, it can prevent the synthesis of carcinogens in the human body, thereby reducing the formation of vitamins, thereby reducing the incidence of human cancer, and thus preventing the effect of preventing cancer.

Relevant population The general population eats.

It is especially suitable for patients with low immunity, high blood sugar and cancer.