So be careful of poisoning with plastic wrap

So be careful of poisoning with plastic wrap

Most of the cooked food in the supermarket is wrapped in a layer of cling film. Many consumers think that this is a layer of “protective film.”

In fact, you should remove the plastic wrap and store it.

  At present, there are three main raw materials for the production of food cling film: polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyvinyl chloride (PVDC).

Most of the cling film sold on the market uses polyethylene as the raw material. It is considered the safest because it does not add any plasticizer during the production process.

  Potential safety hazards in supermarkets However, it is also possible to use polyvinyl chloride for the cling wrap for food wrapped in supermarkets.

Experiments have shown that this cling film contains two plasticizers of hexyl ammonia in order to increase its adhesion.

The plasticizer has a great destructive effect on the human endocrine system and will disturb the hormone metabolism of the human body.

This chemical easily penetrates into food, especially high-faecal foods, and almost all cooked foods in supermarkets are high-faecal foods.

After continuous wrapping, the fat in food can easily dissolve the harmful substances in the cling film, which will affect human health after eating.

Governments such as South Korea have begun banning the use of such plastic wrap.

  This consumer can take the following methods: tear off the plastic wrap after returning home, pack the food in a food preservation bag, and put it in the refrigerator; you can also put the food in a covered ceramic container; if notWhen the container is covered with plastic wrap, try not to overfill the food to prevent it from coming into contact with the plastic wrap.

  Warm reminder: Finally, I want to remind everyone that when the dish is still hot, do not cover the plastic wrap, because that will increase the loss of vitamins in the dish.

It is best to wait for the dishes to cool completely before covering them with plastic wrap.

  In addition, you must pay attention to the use of microwave cling film: 1.

When heating oily food, keep the cling film and food isolated, and do not make them directly contact.

Because when the food is heated, the food oil may reach a very high temperature, causing the cling film to break and stick to the food.


After the food is properly covered with plastic wrap when heating food, then use a needle such as a toothpick to pierce a few holes in the plastic wrap to facilitate the evaporation of water and prevent the plastic wrap from bursting due to gas expansion.


The maximum heat resistance temperature marked by each brand of cling film is different, and some differ by about 10 ℃. When the temperature in the microwave oven is high, it usually reaches about 110 ℃. When continuous heating is required, you should pay attention to choosing a high heat resistance.plastic wrap.

The hidden rules of workplace games

The “hidden rules” of workplace games

The situation in the workplace is unpredictable. During this period, the mystery is naturally overlaid with layers of mountains. Under the surface of a set of rules, there are surging hidden rules. How to deal with this unspeakable rule?
Here are some practical ways: 1. Establish interpersonal alliances 多 In the company, build close and friendly relationships with colleagues from different departments and different levels.
From the switchboard operator to the general manager secretary, you can have your friends from general affairs to finance. These “owners” will not only make your work happier, but also lend a helping hand when you need it.
What can we do to build an interpersonal alliance?
  □ Express a sincere interest in the work of others Understand his working conditions and hardships, show your compassion and pay attention to listening.
  □ Seeking Advice Another approach is to ask for advice.
“This is something that bothers me, and I have always thought that you have good judgment in this area. Can you give me some advice?
“It is always good to ask for advice from multiple parties, and it can subtly convey your appreciation and appreciation of the other party.
  □ Help others, do n’t ask for immediate returns. 主动 Proactively help colleagues within the scope of your ability is a win-win way to accumulate interpersonal assets.
A business person said well: “The more people owe me, the more people will help me in the future.
“So, when a colleague needs help next time, don’t forget to help!
  □ Don’t become enemies, even if you are not friends. Remember that the focus is on developing alliances, not on enemies.
Therefore, even if you can’t make the other person your own friend, don’t become a deadly opponent. Maintaining basic courtesy is an elegant performance.
  2、避免政治性错误的举止   有些举动绝对有害于你的政治表现,请提醒自己千万别误踩以下政治地雷:   □对你的上司轻视傲慢   不论是私底下,或是在公开场合,对你Your boss’s arrogance and contempt will only hurt you in turn.
Interrupting the boss’s jokes, publicly correcting his mistakes, and questioning his determination are all standard unwise actions.
  □ Leapfrog reports: Some business management experts believe that leapfrog reports are an effective “upward management” strategy.
However, most evidence suggests that this is likely to build a beam with the boss at the top.
Therefore, it is probably a more correct political action to report in advance and get the boss’s understanding before communicating with senior executives.
  □ Openly challenge the company’s beliefs Each company has some values and beliefs that are deeply believed. If you openly criticize these beliefs, it is easy to be labeled as “disloyal”.
  □ Receive deserved credit Anyway, grabbing credit is wrong.
Leadership robbing the subordinates will kill the morale of employees; grabbing the merits of colleagues is clearly an enemy; and robbing the superiors is to die.
Not to mention, this action is not elegant at all.
  □ Feel free to confession. Some people ca n’t hide a word, and when they see someone, they vomit bitterly (“I ‘m in this department.”.”), such a “truthful confession” that does not pick the object will only damage your image, and is more likely to give someone a reason why they are not suitable for this position because of being unscrupulous.
  3、给人帮助,要恰到好处   有些管理专家建议,如果你想要发挥人际互惠的最大效益,在给人帮助或好处时,可以掌握一些原则:不轻给(让对方觉得来之不易)、不Give indiscriminately (to choose an object), and not give indiscriminately (since you want to give, prefer to give generously).
  4. Politics is the art of compromise Please don’t forget that compromise is often necessary when fighting for and defending your rights.
If you take the lead in everything, it’s easy to be the target of criticism.
Not seeking a moment of victory, or even a strategic “minor triumph, major triumph”, will be a smart political action.
Because seeking for defeat can hide strength for more important timing.
But don’t lose without a fight, or you will cause dissatisfaction and doubt.
  5. Strength is the most solid power foundation Finally, I want to remind you that the basic skill of accumulating power is to accumulate professional strength.
Otherwise, fancy political art will not help.
As long as you can exert your wisdom, in the political game of the office, you will be able to come and go elegantly and become a real workplace star.

How to use yoga to treat constipation

How to use yoga to treat constipation

Constipation refers to the inability to urinate in the stool, prolonged defecation time, or difficulty in excluding bowel movements, which can be seen in various alternatives, mainly caused by the following reasons: non-compliance with the desire to defecate.

Insufficient residues necessary to promote smooth stool.

Insufficient intake of vegetables and fruits.

The lack of water caused the lack of water.

Muscle weakness, unable to squeeze out bowel movements.

Laxatives are commonly used.

  Chronic constipation can easily induce various diseases, and various diseases can easily induce constipation, so attention must be paid.

70% of the body’s diseases are caused by constipation. If laxatives are commonly used to cure constipation, it is extremely unfavorable to the body. Stimulation of laxatives can cause colonic contraction and hardening.

Today’s laxatives are like sugar pills and very easy to take.

If children take it regularly, the nature of intractable constipation will be here after adulthood. It must be given high attention. Constipation can also cause other symptoms, such as reduced upper abdominal fullness, nausea, nausea, abdominal pain, bowel movements, loss of appetite, sleepAnxiety, anal fissures, hemorrhoids and more.

Long-term constipation can cause premature aging, and even gallstones, handshake cancer, hypertension, diabetes, arrhythmia, hemorrhoids, and digestive tract tumors.

  Now we use the simple method of fitness yoga to cure constipation. Do 2 a week?
3 times is appropriate.

  Drink plenty of water first, then do 3?
5 or less poses, each doing 3?
5 times is appropriate.

Side-twisted small bridge-type chest-expanding bow-type pedaling bicycle-type head-on-ground rear-leg extension shoulder support head inverted perineal constriction method (30?
50 times) Anal deeds are legal (30?
Regular exercise of the abdominal muscles 50 times can increase intra-abdominal pressure and help defecation.

At the same time, we should pay attention to adjusting the diet structure. We should eat more high-fiber-containing vegetables, beans and potatoes, eat more fresh fruits, and drink more water. For the elderly, often drinking honey is good for the intestines and helps passPoop.

Eat more whole grains to help adulterate growth

Eat more whole grains to help adulterate growth

In addition to the styling needs of young people, many elderly people are dissatisfied with their gray hair, and have to dye their hair once in a while.

  Hair yellowing and whitening in western medicine refers to the lack of melanin. In Chinese medicine, hair is mainly carried by the kidney, and those with deficiency of the spleen and kidney are prone to dryness, yellowing, and severe white hair.

In addition, congenital deficiency and poor spleen and stomach are also prone to early Huahua.

Ma Wanli, director of the dermatology department of Guangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, recommends that those who are not satisfied with the quality of their hair can give you back their hair through food supplements.

For example, nuts, black sesame, walnuts, grains, etc.

Young people insist on eating more of these foods every day, and they have more chances to have black and shiny hair.

  It is a natural law for the elderly to turn their hair white, and there are large individual differences, which are also related to genetic genes.

If you really need to dye your hair, you should follow the requirements in the chart above.

How can hidden psychology be easily cracked?

How can hidden psychology be easily cracked?

As the saying goes, a woman’s heart is a needle under the sea.

But in sex, men’s thoughts can be more elusive than women’s.

Let us teach you to crack the hidden sexual psychology of men!

  First, when feelings are depressed, they often release themselves as men through sex. Many people are unwilling to be weak, such as fear, isolation and help, disappointment, etc. Sex is often used as a way to vent these internal emotions.

At this time, if the wife wants more tenderness at this time, she can only be disappointed.

Because although the husband is vented physically, he does not need to eliminate the internal tension, and the wife will be insulted, feeling that he is a tool for the husband to vent his anger.

  In fact, when men are afraid, disappointed, and nervous, they want a loyal partner around them, so sex is an effective way for them to regain confidence and feel relieved.

Therefore, when the wife feels nervous about her husband, she should find ways to share it with him so that he feels safe and tells you what he is saying.

Such couples will feel closer, and the sexual life that follows will be more memorable.

  Second, like women with self-confidence Many women think that the husband does not really care about her, and the personality of the couple is often focused on his interests, not her.

However, there is a significant fact that women are mostly interested in “lowering themselves” so that the husband feels that he is the head of the family.

  What women often overlook is that men with a happy nature usually like women who share this quality.

The man believes that women with strong self-confidence are more contagious to them, so their wives must not be modest in front of their husbands.

  Third, the unwillingness to be seen as the more the child plays the role of husband and mother when treating his wife, the more the husband treats her like his own mother, not his affectionate lover.

Why should a woman treat her husband like a mother to a child?

One lady said, “Whenever my husband doesn’t pay attention to me, I use the” mother way “to prepare him food and arrange his underwear.

What I really wanted was more attention and gentleness from my husband, but what I got was a thankful speech from a sensible child. He praised me for being thoughtful!

  Observing mothers’ labor during childhood, women learn to accept children, give selflessly, and heed the demands of others.

When connected with a man, she will do it subconsciously.

At first men needed this kind of care, but the more enthusiastic a woman is as a mother, the more difficult it is for men to repay her in love.

  Therefore, a woman should not treat her husband as a child, but treat her husband as a capable and trusted friend.

There will be a lot of trouble at first, but the husband will eventually understand the wife’s good intentions and treat her as a carefully selected woman again.

  Fourth, the wife who likes to share bedtime pleasure with him In sex, there is a contrast between men and women.

Women pay attention to tenderness, while men appreciate their fun sex life more.

Because of this difference, a woman often overcomes her husband’s attention to sex. She is only a tool, while a man complains that his wife’s interest is only in love.

To resolve this contradiction, you can try to change roles, let men talk about his feelings of love, and women try their best to experience the physical pleasure, so that the wife can understand that the husband’s sexual requirements are actually the ultimate expression of love.

  Fifth, the husband and wife were judged to have fallen asleep after many sex husbands.

The wife thought the husband was intentionally alienating, and the husband claimed that he needed rest.

Countless women have this experience, but what they don’t understand is that men do it to control their feelings.

For most men, a courageous self-image is crucial, completely losing the sense of defense poses a psychological threat to him.

One man said that sexual life was his experience of expressing his feelings freely, but after the incident, he had to withdraw to “return to the men’s team.”

Reasons for crying through your true psychological character

Reasons for crying through your true psychological character

Core tip: Crying is the most direct emotional manifestation of human beings. Chinese ancient language describes crying: crying with tears and crying with tears.

Do you often cry the most because of something?

You know, the reason for crying can reveal your most true character!

  Please list in order the following reasons that make you cry the most: 1, moved 2, sad 3, pain (physical pain) 4, angry 5, worried / nervous, please see the following analysis, according to your order to find solutions

  Touched-you who are not familiar with you rank first: people who often hide themselves.

Very mysterious.

Not easily accessible.

  No. 2: People who care about others.

It’s easy to find someone unhappy around you.

It’s not easy to tell the wrong thing or topic.

  Ranked 3: Silly.


Do whatever you want.

But cute.

  Ranked 4th: I don’t think about it, I always worry about people.

  Ranked 5th: Very smart and responsible leader.

I respect you.

  Sad-You who are familiar with you rank first: people who demand a lot of things.

But many times it’s too stubborn.

  # 2: I can tell you the truth.

There is a clear distinction between black and white.

  Ranked 3: People with very delicate minds.

Sadness often doesn’t show up, but in fact everyone can see it.

  Ranked 4th: I will think a lot before I make a choice.

I don’t want to show people flat, self-esteem can be regarded as a strong person.

  Pain-you want others to think you are . ranked # 1: someone who really needs protection from others.

  Ranked 2: People who are not so accessible.

  Ranked 3: Good one.

Very concerned about the people around.

Not afraid of sacrifice.

  Ranked 4th: People who are smart but not proud.

  Ranked 5th: People who know what they want and want.

  Angry-you most want your lover to be . ranked # 1: very in line with you.

You are the same as what he thinks. You do n’t need to ask to know what the other party wants.

  Ranked second: Not easy to lose temper.

Know how to tolerate you.

Rigid outside and soft inside.

Have your own character.  Ranked third: a lovely person at heart.

You can’t guess what he will do next.

  Ranked 4th: Very careful.

He has everything you need.

I won’t find you because of few things.

  Ranked 5th: Wisdom is important.

Can control your people.

And make sense.

  Worried / Nervous-The most real you are . ranked No. 1: A person who is afraid to show others that he is some kind of person.

People who don’t like their character.

  Ranked second: lonely people.

I hope to be with a lot of people.

But many times I do n’t know how to communicate with others.

  Ranked 3: People who think friends are more important than heaven.

I cherish many friends around me.

Dare to love and hate.

But if you do n’t like it, you wo n’t care.

  Ranked 4th: direct people.

Many times because of this personality is not compatible with others.

I hope a little more people can get to know you.

Especially people you like.

  Ranked 5th: I don’t know exactly what I want in the future.

But I was lucky enough to walk half my life.

There are no requirements for many things.

The most important thing is to be happy every day!

Children’s energy-saving lamps are best not to be too close together

Children’s energy-saving lamps are best not to be too close together

[Introduction]Recently, the radiation intensity of energy-saving lamps has caused public concern.

  Some consumers have found that the use of testing equipment to contact energy-saving lamps at close range shows that the data reaches several hundred volts / meter or even thousands of volts / meter, which greatly exceeds the national electric field safety standards.

Experts from environmental protection departments tested more than ten brands of energy-saving lamps and found that when the instrument is within 10 cm of the energy-saving lamps, the electric field radiation data of one energy-saving lamp reaches 1600 volts / meter, and the data of other brands of energy-saving lamps also exceeds 200 volts./Meter.

However, when the detection instrument is away from the energy saving lamp 1.

At a distance of 5 meters, the electric field strength suddenly drops to tens of volts / meter.

  Experts said that many lamps that can withstand the principle of electromagnetic induction emit radiation problems.

This is because these lamps have ballasts, which oscillate when they are turned on, thus emitting electromagnetic waves of tens of thousands of hertz.

Experts point out that there are many ways to deal with radiation.

The most direct way is to buy low-emission energy-saving lamps, which are currently available on the market.

The second method is to check the product’s test report before purchasing energy-saving lamps, and purchase according to the standard of “vertical intensity exceeding 200 volts / meter and magnetic field intensity should be lower than 10 microtesla.

  It is also necessary to remind consumers that at home, energy-saving lamps must be kept at a certain distance from the human body, especially for children, the table lamp should be placed far away, not too close together, so as to the child’s body and visionBoth are good.

Dysmenorrhea is small but cannot be ignored

Dysmenorrhea is small but cannot be ignored

Dysmenorrhea often plagues many female friends, especially young women, and some people regard dysmenorrhea as a “common meal” and feel that it is okay to endure it. Some people think that dysmenorrhea is only a “disease of young people” and will disappear after marriage.

So what do gynecologists think?

  The cause of dysmenorrhea may be different at different ages. Xue Suhua, chief physician of the Department of Gynecology, Guangdong Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital, pointed out that from a clinical perspective, young girls in college and middle school students are more likely to have dysmenorrhea. According to medical statistics, this situation probably accounts for10% -20% of young women.

When women get married, dysmenorrhea in reproductive age and older women is not the same as dysmenorrhea in young girls. Often, young girls often see primary dysmenorrhea, that is, dysmenorrhea without abnormal organic changes, andOlder women with long-term dysmenorrhea are often caused by disease, and they cannot simply think that menstruation is so simple.

  Dysmenorrhea is not simple. There is a difference between primary and secondary. Experts believe that ordinary people have misunderstandings about dysmenorrhea and often think that dysmenorrhea is only a small problem. In fact, this view is not scientific.

  Director Xue Suhua said: “Many young people have dysmenorrhea without special diseases. This kind of consideration is mainly related to lifestyle, living habits, and even diet and clothing, that is, primary dysmenorrhea, which has nothing to do with the disease.

Of course, there are also dysmenorrhea due to disease. Some 16-year-old girls are examined for dysmenorrhea, and the result is a “chocolate cyst”.

Older women’s long-term dysmenorrhea is often related to the disease, that is, secondary dysmenorrhea.

Clinically more common acute endometriosis, adenomyosis, pelvic inflammation, uterine fibroids, etc., these diseases may cause dysmenorrhea.

Therefore, dysmenorrhea is not a small problem, but you should go to the hospital to check whether it is primary or secondary.

“Dysmenorrhea really disappears after getting married and having children?”

  Although this kind of saying prevails in the folk, experts believe that this kind of saying is actually not scientific.

  Director Xue Suhua pointed out that the principle of dysmenorrhea is mainly due to poor drainage of menstrual blood to stimulate uterine contraction. In addition, prostaglandins secreted by the human body stimulate contraction of uterine muscle layer. Therefore, after some people get married and have children, the uterine mouth is more relaxed, and menstrual drainage is more smoothI feel pain, but I cannot say that all dysmenorrhea will disappear due to growth, especially for secondary dysmenorrhea. If there is a disease, it must not be ignored.

  Bad life habits are prone to cause primary dysmenorrhea. Director Xue Suhua reminded: “Now life is stressful, work is irregular, life is irregular, menstrual periods are excessive, and even hot weather likes to eat cold things, especially some girls eat ice cream in winterBad health.

Another thing is that young girls often like to wear mini skirts, which causes the abdomen and waist to be cold. In fact, this is not good for menstrual women.

“The most common secondary dysmenorrhea endometriosis is endometriosis, which refers to a type of gynecological disease that grows on the endometrium and grows and reproduces outside the uterine covering surface.

According to statistics, about 70% of patients with endometriosis have typical secondary dysmenorrhea, unhappy or painful intercourse, infertility and menstrual changes.

  Endometriosis can cause infertility. Dysmenorrhea is small but can not be ignored. Experts point out that such patients are often encountered clinically. When young, dysmenorrhea has not caused awareness, but after marriage, the age of onset often occurs.I have not been able to conceive. After examination, I found that it was because of endometriosis. As the condition worsened, the “chocolate cyst” ruptured, causing uterine adhesions and affecting reproduction.

Although some statistical results show that women have primary dysmenorrhea when they are young, the risk of endometriosis in development is higher than that of women who have never had dysmenorrhea, but it is because of the presence of endometriosis since childhoodThe occurrence of dysmenorrhea is still endometriosis due to long-term primary dysmenorrhea, which is difficult to distinguish. Therefore, the occurrence of dysmenorrhea must not be ignored, and it must be actively checked and treated.

  Do I need to check for dysmenorrhea?

  How should it be governed?

  Experts remind that if it is the first time to seek medical treatment because of dysmenorrhea, the first thing to recommend is to perform an ultrasound scan. In terms of physical examination, if it is an unmarried girl, it is not declared to perform a gynecological examination. Generally, the anal examination is used to roughly determine the pelvic condition.If you are married, you don’t need to avoid it.

  薛素华主任说:“如果检查之后没有异常,一般还是诊断‘原发性痛经’,治疗主张还是改善生活习惯为主,比如在月经期应该避免做过于剧烈的运动,另外在饮食起居上应该注意局部Keep warm, don’t wear too thin clothes, don’t eat too much cold food, especially cold drinks should try to eat less.

Regarding mood, you should pay attention to regulation, especially not to worry too much, not to be too stressed, pay attention to rest, and pay attention to light diet.

If dysmenorrhea affects life, study, and work, consider using oral painkillers.

If it is clear that the cause of the disease is “secondary dysmenorrhea” after the examination, but it is definitely not enough to relieve the symptoms, then it is necessary to choose a reasonable treatment method according to the specific situation of the patient and treat the specific disease.

10 blind spots for skin care


10 blind spots for skin care

Amy MM always takes care of the skin step by step, but is your skin care method correct?

I haven’t seen anything in skin care for so long?

Is your skin care method correct?

Inappropriate skin care, sometimes sometimes no effect, and it will even make a great achievement.

Xiaobian, you collected 15 blind spots for skin beauty methods, literacy for you.


Do you know the basic sequence of using water, cream and oily cosmetics?

  This is the most basic common sense, and you should keep in mind that you can distinguish the order of use by the type and category of skin care products. Don’t underestimate this method.

For example, you remember “water first, milk, and oil last.”

“When you ca n’t figure out which one to use first and which one to use, first look at the size of the skin care product. If it is water-based, it must be used first than creamy, and oily ones are usually used last.
This method can be used in order to determine the order of an integrated support product and the same product, such as the order of using the same two creams.

  If you first use a cream-like product with a high moisture content, a protective film will be formed on the outer layer of the skin after application, then the water-like products with smaller molecules will be difficult to be absorbed by the skin.Not to mention play a role.

Studies have found that if the small molecules of the essence can reach the accumulation of the skin, the nutrients carried by them can be as high as 88%; while the macromolecular products of the oil mostly function on the skin surface, the nutrients carried by them are only about 6%.

  Toner-serum-gel-lotion-cream-sunscreen, this is the correct order.

  Amy MM always takes care of the skin step by step, but is your skin care method correct?

I haven’t seen anything in skin care for so long?

Is your skin care method correct?

Inappropriate skin care, sometimes sometimes no effect, and it will even make a great achievement.

Xiaobian, you collected 15 blind spots for skin beauty methods, literacy for you.

Do you use the serum directly after cleansing, do you think it can be absorbed more fully?

  Too many people mistakenly believe that the use of serum directly after cleansing can promote the full absorption of the skin.

In fact, the essence is mostly a high-tech extract of natural flora and fauna or minerals and other ingredients, to supplement the nutrients required by the skin, while also moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, firming and other special effects.

The toner can help the skin to form a sebum film, thereby removing old keratin and better absorbing the nutrients of the essence.

  The serum should be used after cleansing the skin and evenly applying toner.

Toner re-opens the skin’s pores in a tightened state after cleansing, which helps the essence to penetrate deeply into the nourishing skin.


After using the serum, do you think that it can end the skin care step of the day, because the serum is enough to moisturize?

  Although the nutritional level of the essence is very high, it lacks the rich composition of moisturizing, soothing, and protection in the day cream, and it lacks the powerful effects of repairing and rebuilding in the night cream.Use the day cream or night cream to fully moisturize the skin to achieve the perfect skin care effect.


When using more than one serum, do you think it is okay to apply it first?

  Usually one kind of essence is enough for our skin, because the essence contains too many nutrients, and the excessive use will increase the burden on the skin, which is counterproductive. It is the limit to use two kinds of essence at the same time.

Who are the two different essences?

The first is based on the thickness of the serum, the thinner first, and the thicker before the second; the second is based on the depth of the essence reaching the skin.

The depth of the active ingredients of the essence on the skin is moisturizing, whitening, and anti-wrinkle, so use it twice in a row.

Moisturizing-whitening-anti-wrinkle 5.

Is it good or bad to have alcohol in toner?

  Alcohol’s notoriety in cosmetics is actually wrong.The fact is that alcohol is still the best disinfectant we know. It is also an excellent cleaner and degreaser, and it does not cause allergies.

In fact, it has a natural ability to remove oil stains, so it is very beneficial for acne-prone skin.

As long as you are using the right product and its alcohol content is suitable for your skin type, then there is no problem causing dryness.


Use a moisturizing mask before use and a cream after use?

  Moisturizing masks (especially cotton-type masks) generally do not need to be washed off after use. In fact, it can be simply regarded as an intensive essence.

Before, it is best to use a lotion to help the skin balance the water and lipid film, and then use the mask to have a better absorption effect.

After use, you don’t need to clean with water. Just use a paper towel to gently remove the residue. Oily skin can no longer apply other moisturizers, and dry skin needs to apply a cream to lock the moisture.


Do you apply foundation directly after sun cream?

  This is completely wrong.

It is important that the last step of daily care is not a day cream, or a special sunscreen after the day cream.

Sunblock is the end of daily skincare and the beginning of makeup.

The usual sequence is: day cream, sunscreen, barrier cream, foundation.

When choosing a barrier cream, you must confirm that it is hydrophilic (that is, the content of the barrier cream contains more water than oil), so as to isolate the external irritants and make the makeup lasting.


When using more than one eye cream, do you think it is okay to apply it first?

  The eye area is a very special part. The skin here is thin and fragile. The end result of improper care is irreversible.

First of all, make sure that except for eye creams, eye essences and other products dedicated to the eye, other facial lotions, serums, and creams should not be used on the eye, no matter how light and refreshing it is, especially those with strong efficacyProducts such as oil control, whitening, etc. are even more useless.

  When using two or more eye products at the same time, the order is also eye essence first and eye cream; when using two or more eye creams, you can judge based on size and efficacy, and compare the thickness of the two eye creams.Use; In terms of efficacy, moisturizing eye cream is used first, followed by whitening eye cream, and finally anti-wrinkle eye cream.

Because of the molecular permeability of anti-wrinkle eye cream, smaller ones are usually more oily, while moisturizing eye creams have smaller molecules. Use anti-wrinkle eye creams first. Large-molecular oil-based anti-wrinkle eye creams can easily prevent small-molecule moisturizing eye creams from entering the delicate skin of the eyes, which affects moistureeffect.


What should we do after the non-woven mask is removed?

  Gently pat excess essence into the skin with your hands. If there is too much residue, you can press it gently with a clean paper towel.

Then use a cotton pad dipped in lotion to caress the facial skin, and then you can follow your usual basic skin care steps to care, and oily skin can no longer apply other moisturizers.

The reason we need to do this is because the nutrients in the mask have already entered the skin in the early stage. After you apply the mask, the water will slowly evaporate, so it is necessary to lock the nutrition firmly.


Have you always used SPF-containing day creams instead of sunscreens?

  It is not recommended to use a moisturizing, anti-aging sunscreen with sun protection.

Instead, use sunscreen alone.

Because the efficacy and responsibilities of a product are different, although multi-effect integration is convenient and saves effort, it will definitely lose some aspect of efficacy.

At present, most sunscreen products have achieved sun protection and isolation at the same time. Such sunscreen products help the skin resist ultraviolet rays, block air, dust and even computer radiation, and must have anti-ultraviolet function. Its use is to provide skinA clean and mild environment forms a “front line” of defense against external attacks from the Royal Family, so it must not be omitted.

Psychological counseling makes stuck teenager cry

Psychological counseling makes “stuck” teenager cry

Social Watcher: I used to be the monitor and Miyoshi student. The suspect, A Fa, is from Zhongluotan Town, Baiyun District. He was born in December 1990. He was originally a student at school.
In the early morning of December 25, 2007, Afa and his two other co-workers went to Zhongluotan Town somewhere and sniped 204 meters (worth RMB 6,215 yuan) of the wires being used for electricity. They were later arrested by public security organs.
  After the Baiyun District Court accepted the case, it arranged for a social watcher to investigate and learned that Afa’s parents had three daughters and one son.
The oldest woman, A Fa, has been loved by her parents since she was young, and she is also very angry. She has been a good student and has also served as a monitor.
In 2003, Afa’s mother was seriously injured in a car accident. She died twelve months later. Her family owed a huge amount of medical expenses.
Due to the sudden lack of motherly love, and his father was busy with his livelihood again, Afa started to go to school without any intention, made many bad friends, and became obsessed with Internet cafes and cigarettes all day long.Eventually embarked on the road of crime.
  心理咨询师:  言行一致 本性善良 能受感化  合议庭听取了社会观护员的调查报告后,认为:阿发虽被指控触犯了刑法,但其小时候一贯表现良好,主观恶意不强,人身危险性不Big, his misstep has a lot to do with the environmental changes and psychological trauma caused by his mother’s death. After being arrested, Afa appeared frightened and refused to communicate with others, indicating that he still had a negative effect on his wrongdoing.Evaluation; on the other hand, his dad was also worried, worried that his son would never recover and destroy his future; Baiyun Court decided that Afa himself and his family had a good probation education basis, and decided to try Afa for psychological counseling.
  Before the trial began, with the consent of Afa himself and his family, the Juvenile Court commissioned Professor Shen Jiahong, a psychological consultant in Guangzhou Baiyun Psychological Hospital, to conduct a psychological evaluation of Afa in the psychological counseling room of Baiyun Court.
After a two-hour conversation, Professor Shen tested Afa on depression, anxiety, and personality, and finally completed a psychological evaluation of Afa.
Professor Shen believes that Ah Fa is emotionally unstable, easily affected by external stimuli, easily tense, anxious, temper tantrums, not calm and irritable; but Ah Fa is simple, consistent in words and deeds, and can be honest about his inner experience; he judgesA Fa is kind and can be influenced by his nature. He has a deep understanding of behavioral errors and a good vision for the future.
  Father: I gave more attention to my son. Improved education methods. Based on the above psychological assessment report, the collegial panel conducted the trial of the case in the round table court dedicated to the juvenile court.
In a peaceful and relaxed court atmosphere, the court investigation and court debate phases were successfully completed.
In order to do psychological intervention more accurately and meticulously, the counselor listened to the trial process of the case with permission.
  During the adjournment of the court session, the psychological counselor conducted a 50-minute psychological counseling to Afa again, inspiring and guiding Afa to distinguish right from wrong, sincerely regret it, thank the family, and the society.
After 50 minutes, Afa re-entered the court.
At the final statement stage, Afa sincerely confessed to the judge and revealed his own thoughts: “I usually do not listen to my father’s advice, often hit him, once I went to an Internet cafe without money, I stole my father’s motorcycle and sold it.I was greedy for a while and broke the law . I regret living up to the expectations of my dad and school, and especially sorry for the dead mother. If I have the opportunity, I will try to be a person who is useful to society, and to pay back my family and society’s concern for me andhelp.
“Aya ‘s father also shed tears at the court, saying that he would improve the methods of educating his children, give him more care, and slowly help him to develop good habits, study hard, and be a new person with the help of the court and psychological counselors.
  It is understood that psychological intervention on juvenile defendants is an innovative subject developed by the Baiyun Court, which is the first time in the city’s court system.
In accordance with the rules of the juvenile court for the implementation of the psychological counseling system for juvenile defendants, the court will, together with social watchers and psychological counselors, conduct psychological follow-up counseling to Afa, and sentence it based on its regrets.