Simple and practical ways to prevent hair loss daily

Simple and practical ways to prevent hair loss daily

The metabolism of hair is worsened. Hair loss in autumn is usually more than in other seasons, just like plants will fall leaves in autumn. Therefore, care of hair should be strengthened.

So, is there any simple and easy way to prevent hair loss?

  Acupoint massage: Easy hair loss on the head does not prevent pressing the hair on the soles of the feet. In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, it is called “remnant kidney.”Dandruff.

And kidney deficiency and deficiency, hair will turn white and replace.

The Yongquan acupoint, located at the foot of the foot, is the acupoint of the kidney meridian. Traditional Chinese medicine calls it the “source of water”, which has the effect of nourishing the kidneys and soothe the nerves.

  Yongquan is located on the sole of the human foot, located in the depression in the front of the foot, and the front replacement of the 2nd and 3rd toe seam head ends and the heel.

  Diet Therapy: Preventing hair loss requires supplementing iron. Hair loss is not only a disease but also a special reflection of human functioning.

The main cause of hair loss is insufficient liver and kidney, deficiency of qi and blood, and nourishment of hair.

In addition to medications, diet and care are also important.

The following foods have great potential for healing hair loss.

  People with frequent hair loss often have iron deficiency in their bodies.

Eat more iron-rich foods such as cooked peanuts, soybeans, black beans, spinach, carp, bananas, carrots, and potatoes.

How to clean baby dandruff in summer

How to clean baby dandruff in summer

Baby’s scalp 唰 唰 The baby’s head is often covered with a layer of off-white fetal fat after birth. This kind of dirty dirt often makes mothers helpless. Whether or not to clean, how to clean is correct, what methods can be used?Prevent it?

  Breast rash vs seborrheic dermatitis. Breast babies have a strong secretion function on the scalp sebaceous glands. If the secretions are not cleared in time, they will accumulate with the dirt on the scalp. Over time, a thick palate is formed.

This is a normal situation and does not need to go to the hospital for treatment, the mother only needs to clean up at home.

  Steps for washing and protecting Step1: Hold your baby’s head in one hand, lean your back on your forearm, and hide your baby’s leg in your elbow.

  Step2: Use your other hand to crush the pieces with your hand, and gently shower the water from the bathtub onto the baby’s head. Be careful not to splash the water into the baby’s eyes.

  Step 3: Rub a little baby oil or olive oil on the baby’s head.

  Step4: After it is cut off, let it soften, use a soft and hard brush to loosen the large scalp, and then use the baby shampoo to rinse off the dandruff.

  Step5: Finally, hold the baby on your knees, and gently wipe the baby’s head with another towel.

  The brush head used by TIPS for babies should be a very soft, soft-bristled brush. Whether it is new or not, it must be boiled in boiling water and thoroughly disinfected before use.

  Seborrheic dermatitis: The secretion of sebaceous glands in newborn babies is strong, and a little improper care may lead to gray-yellow or yellow-brown greasy crusts and scales. In severe cases, eyebrows, nasolabial folds, and ears may be affected.
Sometimes you can see many small red rashes of the size of rice grains on the scalp, which will form yellow-red patches in the future. If they are stained with dust, they can form a thick layer of scutellaria baicalensis, which can turn into black with itchiness.This “seborrheic dermatitis” requires a dermatologist for treatment at the hospital.

  Seborrheic dermatitis is more common in newborn babies.

Remove the baby’s dandruff, remember not to remove it, so as not to damage the baby’s skin.

Except for going to the hospital, how to remove these dandruff in the family?

  Step 1: Before washing your baby’s hair, use a small comb to straighten the hair, which can prevent the hair from tangling together and reduce the damage to the hair when forced to comb.

  Step 2: After washing your hair, you can use vitamin B6 ointment, that is, apply it on the baby’s scalp, and seborrheic dermatitis will soon disappear.

  Step 3: In addition to vitamin B6 ointment, vitamin B6 tablets can be used to grind into powder. Add an appropriate amount of vegetable oil, such as peanut oil, rapeseed oil, mix well, rub on the affected area, remove it after several hours or the next day, and then wash with warm

  TIPS If the scalp is thick and can not be removed by one immersion, you can apply it every day?
2 times longer, about 2?
4 hours, until the scalp is soaked and softened, and then washed away.

Do not curl or forcefully remove dandruff to prevent scalp damage and subsequent infection.

  Preventing dandruff in three steps, in addition to congenital inheritance, a large part of the cause comes from the mother’s daily care mistakes.

In order for your baby to have healthy dark hair in the future, you must start with preventing dandruff.

  PART1 shampoo pathogenic fungi can often aggravate dandruff production.

Washing your scalp often will reduce the formation of dandruff.

And keep the hair clean often, can make the scalp benign stimulus, avoid causing itching, blistering, and even infection, so as to promote baby hair growth and growth.

  ● Reasonably control the water temperature When washing the baby’s hair, it is best to control the water temperature at 37 ° C?
Around 38 ° C.

This is because the water is too cold to remove the dirt on the scalp, and the water is too hot to cause the baby’s skin burns, so when washing the baby’s hair, the mother is best to try the water temperature first.

The water temperature in winter can be slightly higher than 3 ℃ in summer?
5 ° C.

  ● Choose professional products. Choose baby shampoo instead of adult products.

Because too strong alkaline for adult products will destroy baby’s scalp sebum, cause dry and itchy scalp, shorten hair life and make hair yellow.

In addition, because the lacrimal gland function of the baby is not yet mature, a baby-specific shampoo with no tear formula is the best choice.

  ● When washing your baby properly, don’t use your fingers to scratch your baby’s scalp.

The correct method is to gently massage the scalp with the entire palm; when washing the hair, it is not suitable for the mother to scratch and wash her hair with her fingernails to avoid scratching the baby’s delicate skin.

If the mother’s hand is light and cannot cover the baby’s ears, you can also use cotton to plug the baby’s external ear canal to prevent the baby’s ear canal from getting water.

  ● Emotional comfort at the right time No matter how old the baby is, he should pay attention to the emotional comfort at the right time.
When washing your hair, keep your baby’s body as close as possible to your mother’s tibia, and touch it close to your mother’s upper body. Don’t overhang your baby’s head too much, just tilt it slightly. At the same time you wash your hair, your mother can say a few words of warmthTo soothe the baby.

  Although the role of shampooing is important, the role of combing hair cannot be underestimated.

Because combing hair can stimulate the baby’s scalp and promote baby hair growth.

It also has a good preventive effect against dandruff.
  ● Choose the right comb When choosing a comb for your baby, do not use a comb that is too hard. It is best to replace the rubber comb, because it is both elastic and soft, and it is not easy to hurt the baby’s immature scalp.

At the same time, pay attention to the comb tooth width is wider, and the comb teeth should not be too sharp.

  ● The right way to comb the hair When mother combs the baby’s hair, she must comb along the direction of the baby’s natural growth. Keep the action and force consistent. Do not follow your own intentions and force the baby’s hair to the opposite direction.

Hold the hair tips with one hand during combing to reduce the stress on the baby’s scalp and prevent the hair from being pulled off, thus reducing the pain during combing.

  PART2 care for newborn babies, in addition to strengthening attention in shampooing and combing, to cultivate the baby’s good living habits, the correct care of hair, these factors will affect the baby’s scalp health.

  ● A lot of sun exposure Proper sun exposure is also very beneficial for baby’s hair growth. Ultraviolet rays can promote blood circulation of the scalp and improve hair quality.

Obviously, your baby’s scalp should never be exposed to the sun when it is exposed to strong sunlight.

It is best to wear a sun hat to protect your scalp from sun damage.

  ● Make sure that the sleeping baby ‘s brain is not yet mature, so it is easy to fatigue. If you do n’t sleep well, you may be prone to physiological disorders, which leads to poor appetite, frequent crying and easy illness, and indirectly causes poor hair growth.

Usually, a newborn baby is guaranteed to sleep for 20 hours a day.

  ● Use a hair dryer with caution. If you encounter special circumstances, you may choose to wash your baby’s hair too late. Otherwise, it is best to allow the baby’s hair to air dry naturally.

It is appropriate to use a hair dryer to cool the baby’s hair, and do not place the hair dryer too close to the baby, so as not to hurt the baby’s fragile hair and immature scalp.

  What do mothers need to know about dandruff? Is dandruff related to the baby’s physique?

What medicines are available?

  Newborn baby’s head appears with gray-yellow or yellow-brown greasy crusts and scales of varying thickness. In severe cases, eyebrows, nasolabial folds, and ears can be affected.

Most of these babies are exudative, so care for them 3?
Can heal more than 4 weeks.

Treatment can be disinfected with vegetable oil or liquid paraffin to soak the scabs and soften, and then gently hit with a cotton swab or clean towel.

Usually pay attention to head hygiene and avoid excessive sweating.

Those with severe symptoms or recurrence can take vitamin B2, B6, calcium, topical skin ease, erythromycin ointment, 5% sulfur cream, etc.

  Why does the baby have breasts?

  Breastfeeding is the product of your baby’s metabolism and is mainly related to the following factors: Genetics: If your father and mother have excessive dandruff or have had seborrheic dermatitis, your baby will easily grow breastfeeding.

  Bad living habits: I think that it is not suitable for newborn babies to wash their hair and wash their hair. As time goes by, they will make the breasts thicker and thicker.

  High-fat diets: Breastfeeding mothers and babies can easily grow breasts if they have a high fat content.

  Do I have to deal with dandruff?

Does the health of a strong baby have an adverse effect?

  It is necessary to treat your baby’s dandruff.

Because scalp contains a large amount of dirt, once the baby’s scalp is scratched and scratched, it will not only affect the treatment of head trauma, but also easily cause infection.

In addition, dandruff covers the cardia, which will limit the cushioning function of the baby’s cardia.

Dandruff obstructs the cardia, and it is difficult for parents and doctors to judge the baby’s health by observing the conditions of the cardia, which prevents doctors from discovering important symptoms such as dehydration (cardiac depression) and increased intracranial pressure (full and bulging cardiac).Affect diagnosis and treatment.

  Is scalp pimples pediatric eczema?

  Scalp pimples are a type of pediatric eczema. Eczema is the most common skin disease.

The root cause of eczema is the imperfect gastrointestinal system. Some allergic babies eat allergens easily into the blood through the thin intestinal wall. Since the subcutaneous capillaries are the most abundant, eczema is immediately manifested on the skinUp.

The cure for eczema is not to test allergens from countless substances, to avoid it, or to improve your baby’s digestive system.

And now it is not medically advocating to prevent the baby from getting proper nutrition in order to avoid allergies.

Benefits of Woman Drinking Soy Milk

Benefits of Woman Drinking Soy Milk

The benefits of women drinking soy milk are many.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that soy milk has a peaceful nature, and has the functions of nourishing and moisturizing, clearing the lungs and reducing phlegm; women drinking soy milk have many benefits, drinking soy milk in spring and autumn, nourishing yin and moistening, reconciling yin and yang; drinking soy milk in summer, cooling off heatstroke, quenching heat and quenching thirst;Drink soy milk, dispel cold and warm stomach, nourish tonic.

  Soymilk is rich in plant proteins, phospholipids, vitamins B1, B2, niacin and iron, calcium and other minerals. Therefore, soymilk has the functions of secreting hyperlipidemia, hypertension, sclerosis of fat, iron deficiency anemia, and asthma.

  Women are more anaemic, soy milk has a stronger conditioning effect on anemia patients than milk.

Middle-aged and elderly women drink soy milk, which can regulate endocrine and delay aging; young women drink soy milk, whiten beauty and lighten acne.

  Research suggests that female aging is related to reduced estrogen, and soy isoflavones, soy protein, and lecithin in soy milk are recognized natural estrogen supplements that can prevent women’s healthy cancers such as uterine cancer and cancer.

  For women, soy milk contains a special phytoestrogen “daidzein”, which can regulate women’s endocrine. Women who insist on drinking soy milk every day can significantly improve their mentality and physical fitness, delay aging, and beauty.

3 medicated diets to help you solve your lack of sleep

3 medicated diets to help you solve your lack of sleep

Lack of sleep has become a common problem invading white-collar workers.

Many people don’t want to sleep or can’t sleep, and don’t even have extra time to sleep. As a result, the “sleep debt” is accumulating.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “refining qi and nourishing spirits” and “divine feet do not sleep”.

For the lack of sleep, in addition to seizing the opportunity and “charging” in time, you can also improve the American ginseng pot silk bone chicken 20 grams of American ginseng, 1 silk bone chicken (hair removal and internal organs),6 shiitake mushrooms are dried with water, 5 grams of peel, and 3 candied dates. Wash and cook together, 1 to 1.

After 5 hours, add an appropriate amount of salt and season.

Eat chicken for soup.

American ginseng is slightly bitter and sweet, and can nourish qi and nourish yin.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” believes that American ginseng “tonicates the lungs and lowers fire, regenerates fluids, and removes tiredness.

It is suitable for those who are fictitious and have fire. ”

Long-term lack of sleep is most likely to cause fire and inflammation, which can cause sore throat, dizziness, upset sores, and American ginseng is very convenient.

Black-bone chicken, nourishing yin and nourishing blood, is rich in rich amino acids and fatty acids; shiitake mushrooms are fresh and degreasing, and the skin is refreshing and appetizing; a little jujube can be used to replenish the medium.

This diet therapy is suitable for staying up for a long time, dissipating yin fluid, fatigue, fatigue, dry food and less dizziness.

One eel yam porridge eel, cut off the internal organs, yam, 50 grams each of the previous rice, the appropriate amount of various spices.

First put the eel slices in a bowl, add cooking wine, ginger, spring onion, and salt, mix together with yam, rice, and rice once a day.

Eels are warm in nature, are expected to be high in protein, and they are good for men.

Yam can “spleen the spleen and replenish the deficiency, nourish the essence and strengthen the kidney, cure all the deficiencies, and treat five injuries and seven injuries”.

Therefore, the porridge has a strong tonic effect, making people full of energy and vitality.

1 turtle soft-shelled turtle soup, slaughtered, cut open and washed, 50 grams of ham, 15 grams of Codonopsis, floating wheat, 10 grams of Poria, Ganoderma lucidum, 6 grams of jujube, 20 grams of onion, ginger, chicken soup, salt,MSG in the right amount.

Cook thoroughly in the casserole, drink soup and eat meat.

Soft-shelled turtles, namely tadpoles, are considered to be sexually yin, and are good at nourishing yin and filling essence, clearing heat and flattening the liver.

Ham contains a variety of essential amino acids in the human body. The Compendium of Outlines states that ham “has nourish the kidneys, nourish the stomach, and tonic”.

Codonopsis yiqi, floating wheat Ningxin, Poria spleen and spleen and water; Ganoderma lucidum, can calm and soothe the nerves, improve the body’s immunity; jujube and stomach Jianzhong.

Therefore, this diet therapy is more suitable for people who have insufficient sleep for a long time, darkened eyes, decreased physical fitness, insufficient gas, and fatigue.

Look at your spending habits from choosing bread

Look at your spending habits from choosing bread

Translation: You pass by the door of the bakery. The fresh bread in the bakery has just come out. The fragrance is overflowing. Judging by the fragrance, what kind of bread do you think?


Pineapple bread 2.

Souffle bread 3.

Croissant 4.

Cheese bread 1.

People who choose “Pineapple Bread”: If someone wants to know where it is cheap and delicious, or where it is on sale, then you are right!

You are naturally a loyal supporter of the stingy family. You can achieve the greatest gain without spending your own money, which is the goal you pursue in your life!


People who choose “Chocolate Bread”: Your concept of money is like a mess of wool, and it is difficult to figure out a way. Financial management is extremely painful for you.

How much money you have, you have never figured out, anyway, as long as there is money in your pocket today, what will happen to it tomorrow.


People who choose “croissants” choose croissants: when you use them, you use them when you are provincial, you know a lot about your financial situation.

How to strike a balance between monthly expenditures and income is entirely in your own control.

You also have little idea about financial management, and plan to spend money to keep your life above average.


Choosing “Cheese Bread” The person who chooses cheese bread: You have a good taste and can be regarded as a person who values the quality of life.

In your philosophy of life, spiritual satisfaction is more important than giving money. Although it doesn’t cost you money, it really doesn’t care about spending money. The principle of all spending is: just be happy.

The Secrets of Staying Up Late for Anti-Aging

The Secrets of Staying Up Late for Anti-Aging

Staying up late is almost synonymous with aging, and it will appear like the elderly: often fatigue, decreased immunity, loss of energy, rough skin, colds, digestive infections, allergens, etc. The symptoms of autonomic disorders are also often foundCome to the door . So, 30-year-old and 60-year-old body is a very bad thing.

In order not to stay up late to become the culprit of premature decline, diet conditioning has become a highlight.

  Refusing caffeinated beverages Although caffeine is refreshing, it will consume the vitamin B family related to the coordination of nerves and muscles in the body. People lacking the vitamin B group are more easily tired and are more likely to form a vicious circle.

In addition, drink caffeine-containing beverages on an empty stomach at night. Implantation of reconstituted mucosa causes irritation and causes abdominal pain.

  Strictly control the sweets and eat sweets is also a taboo to stay up late.

Although sugar has a high speed, although it is exciting to a certain extent, it will consume vitamin B group, causing adverse effects and easily causing too many problems.

  Many people who refuse to eat “junk” food stay up all night to put some instant noodles, potato chips and other junk food, when you are hungry, you can use it to fill your hunger.

However, this kind of food is not easy to digest, which will increase the burden on the digestive tract. Eating more food will cause indigestion, which will increase blood lipids and be detrimental to health.

  Although many and many instant noodles are now claimed not to be fried, they will contain edible oil to some extent. If left for a long time, the fat will be oxidized and decomposed by air to generate toxic aldehyde peroxides.

Eating instant noodles that have deteriorated with this oil will bring you unexpected troubles, causing poisoning such as dizziness, headache, fever, rejection and vomiting, and diarrhea.

  Avoid eating greasy cold In order not to let the stomach sing empty city plans when working overtime, many people will choose some greasy foods; some people will give themselves some cold drinks and the like, but greasy foods are not easy to digest, it is easy to cause siltation and cause complicationsTract disease or acute pancreatitis; cold food has an altered stimulating effect on the digestive tract mucosa, which is likely to cause diarrhea or digestive tract disease.

  Do not smoke or drink. The nicotine in cigarettes will constrict blood vessels, slow blood circulation, allow dryness, aging to report early, and the facial lines will naturally sag and pores will expand.

Excessive levels of alcohol in the body can cause swelling in the body.

And those who stay up all night have a lower physical fitness than during the day, smoking and drinking will cause greater harm to the body.

  There are some refreshing oral nights for people who stay up late in the market. Many people regard it as a magic weapon.

The main ingredients of these oral liquids are vitamins B, C, caffeine, and traditional Chinese medicine ingredients, which have a certain effect on refreshing, but often drink will produce dependence; moreover, the potential potential impact of these oral liquids is unknown.

Therefore, it is best to stay away from such oral solutions.

  To maintain the body’s total metabolism to maintain basic physical strength, the total migration of three meals a day should be arranged: breakfast generally accounts for 15% -20% of the cumulative total transformation, mainly based on the volume that is easily digested and absorbed.

Close to the average can generally account for 20% to 25% of the expected total transient, and meal times can be arranged around 3 noon; because to stay up late, the relative proportion of dinner must be higher, which can account for 30% of the total cumulative range-50%, it is advisable to eat one or two hours before work.

  After working at night, a large number of people lose their appetite, which affects the nutrition supply for a long time.

So make sure you have enough high-quality protein, inorganic salts and vitamins every day.

Appropriate intake of milk, eggs, fish, lean meat, pork liver, soybeans and their products, eat more vegetables, fruits, less pure sugar and foods with high aunt.

  Note that supplementing vitamins at night shifts can easily lead to visual fatigue. Vitamin A is an important component involved in the regulation of retinal photosensitivity-rhodopsin synthesis. It can improve the ability of the eyes to adapt to dim light and is beneficial to prevent accidents at work.

  Timely “to nourish” the skin that can not be slacked into the night maintenance state from 10 to 11 pm.

If you stay up late, the normal circulation of the human endocrine system and nervous system will be out of balance, some skin problems such as dryness, poor elasticity, dullness and dullness, etc. Young people’s skin is prone to acne, acne, melasma, dark spots.

Even after working overtime, you should set aside some time to clean up. Don’t go home and fall asleep. It is best to use hot water to iron your feet to relax the tight nerves.

  Super Support: Sleeping is definitely a heavyweight support for the night staying family, which can play a decisive role in the recovery of physical strength.

Do not forget to take a nap or take a nap the next day after staying up at noon.

For those super night cats, they fall asleep at four or five in the morning and stay up all night.

But you ca n’t cover your head and go to sleep for a few hours or even 20 hours, which is actually harmful to your body.

How is the tomato raw?

How is the tomato raw?

Then there will be many contradictions: the tomato is cooked and eaten white, and the vitamin C is wasted; the tomato is eaten raw and can not absorb lycopene.

As a result, consumers are facing the tomato, it is really difficult to the left, and the right is also difficult.

How to eat the best?

Let’s take a look at the results of foreign research.


hzh {display: none; }  在蔬菜当中,番茄是个非常与众不同的品种.
It can be used as both a fruit and a vegetable.

Although Westerners are used to cooking with tomatoes, ketchup and tomato sauce, most Chinese prefer to drink or eat raw.

In particular, the city’s deep red “Saint Fruit” and orange-red small tomatoes are basically used to make raw fruits.

  Then there will be many contradictions: the tomato is cooked and eaten white, and the vitamin C is wasted; the tomato is eaten raw and can not absorb lycopene.

As a result, consumers are facing the tomato, it is really difficult to the left, and the right is also difficult.
How to eat the best?

Let’s take a look at the results of foreign research.
  Researchers at the University of Iowa in the United States have found a group of graduate students to do something, let them eat a bowl of vegetable salad with tomatoes, but use different salad dressings.

The researchers attached a small plastic tube to their veins, and the brakes collected blood samples for measurement before and after eating.

  The students themselves felt that the salad dressing was similar, and the taste was similar.

However, in fact, the content of salad dressing is very different, some are normal 80% glutinous salad dressing, some are low-fat salad dressing, and some are simply replaced with cockroaches, the amount of absorbing snacks is zero.

  However, the results of the measurements are quite different.

Only when eating traditional salad dressing, the beneficial ingredients such as lycopene, carotene and lutein in the blood will increase significantly, and the effect of replacing the salad dressing with low fat or a small amount is very poor.

Therefore, the researchers said that although raw vegetables are very fashionable, no accidental cooking is very fashionable, but when eating dark-colored vegetables, a bit of oil is still good.

  However, this regret is not without a way to make up for it.

The researchers said that as long as they are chewed, chewed, cut into pieces, or shredded into the end, the carotenoid absorption rate will rise, because as long as the cells are destroyed, the carotenoids will easily run out.

In this sense, the carrots are slurried, and although the vitamin C is seriously lost, it is beneficial to absorb the carotene.

  The research published by Spanish scientists in the Journal of Food Science is very detailed.

They measured six cooking methods using 20 kinds of vegetables and compared the degree of loss of antioxidants.

Surprisingly, after casting, the antioxidant effect of carrots increased.

No matter how licking peas, garlic and beets, the losses are small.

It was found that the cooking method that best preserves the antioxidant component is microwave distillation, while the loss of boiling and high pressure cooking is greatest.

This is not because the cooking and high-pressure cooking temperatures are too high, or because the cooking is too bad, most of the antioxidants are dissolved in the water, and the result is less.

Many people throw away the boiled water after cooking, so that both nutrients and antioxidants are lost.

If you eat it with water, the loss is small.

  This is a pretty good news.

Compared with the foreign cooking method, which is raw or boiled, the cooking habits of Chinese people, or stir-fried or even stewed vegetables, will not cause too much loss to the antioxidants of vegetables.。  However, people do not have to stick to the “how to eat the best” statement.

Personally think that as long as it is your favorite, the oil is not much, the heating temperature is not too high, and your favorite is the best cooking method.

Because, even if there is a partial loss, even if the absorption rate is not satisfactory, as long as you eat more, you can make up.

And those nutrients without loss, crushed potassium, some fibers, we will get more.

And those who are hard to believe in swallowing, even if there seems to be no loss in nutrition, the final result is too little.  Therefore, if you want to eat the tomato as a fruit, or to make it into a juice, you don’t have to worry about it.

The key is whether the stomach is cold after eating and whether it will diarrhea.

If you don’t have this kind of problem, eat it according to your appetite.

People with diabetes do not heal for two weeks and are alert to tuberculosis

People with diabetes do not heal for two weeks and are alert to tuberculosis

The survey shows that 50% of people with diabetes who have respiratory symptoms originally had tuberculosis. Experts recommend that people with diabetes should be alert to cough. It is best to go to a specialist hospital to take a look at pulmonary tuberculosis and diabetes. It sounds likeThere are two unrelated diseases, one in the respiratory system and one in the endocrinology department.

But it turned out that they turned out to be “difficult brothers”.

In a large-scale, multi-center screening program, researchers tested tuberculosis for people with diabetes who had respiratory symptoms, and 50% of them were tested for tuberculosis.

“A lot of people with diabetes who know they have tuberculosis are normal. They think they only have a few coughs. How is it related to tuberculosis?

“Gao Haobin, director of the tuberculosis department of Guangzhou Chest Hospital, said that in fact there is a great connection between them.

  The risk of tuberculosis in sugar friends is 4 times higher than that of ordinary people?
8 times. In fact, the results of this survey just confirm the doctors’ clinical findings, “In our ward, at least 20% of diabetes and tuberculosis are associated with diabetes, and they are older and the chance of merger is again.

Wu Haobin told reporters that the detection rate of diabetes has been increasing in the past, and the incidence of tuberculosis has declined over the years, but the overall epidemic is actually at a high level.

“The number of patients with hypertension tuberculosis ranks second in the world, and the number of new cases in Guangzhou each year exceeds 10,000.

Wu Haobin said, therefore, the two diseases are very likely to “encounter”. Statistics show that diabetes is more likely to develop tuberculosis than normal people. 4?
8 times.

  It is precisely seeing that there are more and more patients with diabetes and tuberculosis. Guangzhou Chest Hospital has opened a special ward for such patients since 2007. The two professional teams of tuberculosis and endocrinology treat patients. “There are more than 40 beds in the ward, which are almost full all year round.

But Haobin Wu believes that people with diabetes who have been diagnosed with tuberculosis at a specialist hospital have a “tip of the iceberg”.

“We found during screening that people are very vigilant against tuberculosis. Most of the diabetic patients who are eventually diagnosed with tuberculosis are not newly diagnosed. Many people have been coughing for a long time, but have been receiving treatment in the respiratory department.Condition.

“Not only the patient, but the doctor is not particularly aware of the condition of diabetes with tuberculosis.

Basically, too many diabetic patients with tuberculosis have their lesions in the lower lung, while ordinary tuberculosis often has lesions in the upper lung. As a result, these patients are often easily mistaken for ordinary pneumonia even if they have their lungs in a non-specialist hospital.

  Reason: Glycogen immunity is low, and tuberculosis bacteria can take advantage of the analysis of Haobin. The reason why tuberculosis and diabetes are easily “entangled” is mainly because of the low immunity of people with diabetes.

  In fact, tuberculosis bacteria are widely present in our living environment. According to national statistics, the infection rate of tuberculosis in the general population is as high as 50%.

In other words, half of people have been infected with tuberculosis.

But infection does not necessarily mean that you will get tuberculosis. “It depends mainly on the individual resistance of the infected person.

Xi Haobin explained that if a person has strong resistance and is in good health, tuberculosis bacteria can only lurk in the body all the time. It will not happen, and some people will even be automatically cleared by the body.

But if a human body is of poor quality and low resistance, it can easily develop into tuberculosis.

  Diabetics are just a poorly resistant group.

This is because the nervous system and blood vessels of diabetic and hypertensive humans are damaged, which leads to poor pulmonary circulation and decreased defense function of the lungs.

In this case, the bacterium is infected with bacteria, and the bacteria can easily reproduce and expand in the lungs.

“So once a diabetic person has tuberculosis, the condition will often be heavier and progress faster than ordinary tuberculosis patients.

They have a large amount of bacteria, a wide range of lesions, and are prone to ‘lung perforation’, which is difficult to control.

“In addition, some patients have poor adherence, poor blood sugar control, and tuberculosis complications are prone to occur, making treatment more difficult.

  Reason: The cough has not healed for two weeks. According to Fei Haobin, the key to treatment of tuberculosis with diabetes is “early” and “completely”.

  ”If such patients are found early, they should follow the standard antituberculosis treatment and adhere to a sufficient course of treatment with good results.

Wu Haobin said, but the problem is that the early symptoms of tuberculosis are often not obvious, and many patients are difficult to detect, so the diagnosis is already in the middle and late stages.

In addition, patient compliance is important in the treatment of tuberculosis and diabetes.

“Some patients can take medicines in accordance with the rules and regulations of their doctors during hospitalization, but they can stop the medicines without permission. This will have a great impact on the treatment, especially easily.

“Haobin Bin suggested that if a diabetic patient does not heal after coughing for more than 2 weeks, or is accompanied by symptoms such as hemoptysis, shortness of breath, and night sweats, he should return to a specialist hospital to take a chest radiograph as soon as possible.

And even without any symptoms, Wu Haobin thinks that conditional diabetic patients are best to take a chest radiograph every six months.

  In terms of prevention, maintaining proper outdoor sports, controlling blood sugar, maintaining home ventilation and proper nutrition are all necessary measures.

Postpartum female sleeping pills

Postpartum female sleeping pills

Rock sugar lily material: 1 fresh lily, the right amount of sugar: after the lily is cooked, add rock sugar, or you can add red dates to cook together.

Drink 2-3 times a day.

  Efficacy: Lily mainly contains a variety of alkaloids and nutrients such as biotin, colchicine, and has good nutritional nourishing power.

This drink not only helps to fall asleep, reduces terrible dreams, but also has a beauty effect.

  Milk oatmeal material: oatmeal, milk, sugar Method: Take 1 part of oatmeal, add 3 parts of milk and cook for 15 minutes, add sugar, can be used as dinner porridge.

  Efficacy: Milk is the ideal tonic. Drinking a glass before going to bed can make people fall asleep.

Oatmeal can not only soothe the nerves, but also moisturize the lungs and defecate, preventing postpartum constipation.

  Tip: As the oatmeal in general is hard and it takes time to cook, it is recommended to use oatmeal in fast food.

  Ingredients of Scallion Juice Soup: 20g jujube, 7 onion whites

Wash the red dates, soak them in water for 5 days, and wash the onions for future use.


Put red dates into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil over high heat for about 20 minutes.


Add scallion, and continue frying for 10 minutes.

Take jujube and soup when taking it.

  Efficacy: Jujube is rich in vitamins and trace elements. It is sweet and gentle, and the flesh is full and creamy. It has the effects of nourishing the five internal organs, nourishing the spleen, nourishing the stomach, nourishing the blood and soothe the nerves.

It has significant curative effects on dreams, insomnia, and mental cramps caused by weakness of qi and blood.

  Ingredients of Anmian nourishing soup: 500g black bone chicken, 500g duck meat Supplementary materials: 20g of blood chicken vine, 20g of azalea grass, 20g of night vine, 12g of dog ridge, 12g of dodder, 12g of mulberry parasitic, 12g of privet, 8g of acaciaPeel 8g, raw rehmannia glutinosa 8g, cooked rehmannia glutinosa 8g, ginseng 5g, continuity 8g, echinacea 12g

Wash the fourteen flavors of Chinese medicine, fry it with water, and filter the impurities.


Simmer chicken and duck meat with boiling water and chop them into pieces of the same size.


Add broth in the pot, add chicken and duck meat and boil, add ginger cubes, green onion knots and medicinal sauce, switch to low heat for about 2 hours, remove ginger and green onions, season with MSG and salt.

  Lotus heart tea material: lotus seed heart and raw licorice 3g each Method: use lotus water and raw licorice to brew tea, drink several times a day.

  Efficacy: Studies have shown that lotus seeds contain liensinine, rutin, and other ingredients, which have a sedative effect, can promote the secretion of insulin and make people fall asleep.

  Millet porridge material: millet amount method: take millet amount, add water to cook porridge.

Eat it for dinner or before bedtime.

  Efficacy: Xiaomi is slightly cold, with spleen strengthening, stomach and sleeping effects.

According to research, millet has high levels of tryptophan and starch, which can promote insulin secretion and increase the amount of tryptophan entering the brain after eating, so it can make people sleep better.

Four misconceptions about education buried smart children

Four misconceptions about education buried smart children

Every child is different.

What parents should do is: understand the characteristics of the child, understand him, and create an environment suitable for his growth.

However, many parents lack the correct understanding and understanding of their children. They require their children to use a uniform “competence standard” in the society, and the result is not only not conducive to the growth of children, but may also bury the very smart children.

Piano, painting, dancing . More and more parents are paying a lot of money to let their babies participate in various training classes early.

Conversely, when children are dazed, hyperactive, introverted . Parents think it is just a small problem.

Professor Zou Xiaobing, director of the Center for Child Developmental Behavior of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, pointed out that due to the lack of a correct understanding and understanding of the baby’s learning ability, parents often use socially unified “talent standards” to force their children to learn, resulting in many disadvantagesWrong practice for baby growth and development.

Misunderstanding 1: The child is in a daze. There is a problem. If the mother sees the child sitting alone in the room, she does nothing, but just looks at the sky outside the window, and generally thinks that the child is not having problems or is wasting time.

A daze is also a kind of learning. Although it may not be what it is doing, it is also in a learning state.

Learning is divided into “explicit learning” and “implicit learning”. The former is manifested as learning English courses, learning a certain skill, etc., rather than an unconscious learning.

He also said that, in fact, when we find nothing, the brain is also storing, organizing, and processing some information, but it is not implemented with conscious effort.

Therefore, parents should understand their children, understand their children’s personality, temperament characteristics, allow them to develop naturally, and create an environment suitable for them to grow freely.

Misunderstanding 2: The “superstition” intelligence test is about 3 years old. Compared with babies of the same age, it seems to be worse in talking, exercise, memorizing rhymes, and counting.

My mother was very anxious and bought several books on intelligence testing and intelligence development to train her baby. Then she took Yuanyuan to check to see if she had any intellectual problems.

As a result, at the time of the test, some of the baby’s abilities were not shown, he was unwilling to speak, and he was unable to climb the stairs well. Faced with a very low test score, the mother was annoyed and wondered if she would test again.

The intelligence test can only understand some aspects of children’s abilities. If they are labeled as “stupid children” based on this score, they will ignore children’s abilities in other aspects and cause harm to the growth and development of these children.

At present, many intelligence tests have fallen behind the actual development of psychology, and can only measure some of the children’s abilities. Once parents know that the scores of their children’s intelligence tests are low, they are prone to give up, thinking that their children are bulky, so they are not given enoughThe guidance and help of the company is likely to obliterate their development in other abilities.

The child’s ability system is multi-faceted. You should simply judge his intelligence with one test result, and do not deny the child’s overall ability because of one or two aspects of weak ability; on the contrary, you should fully understand the child’s comprehensive abilityAnd according to the personality of the child, a personalized education method is adopted.

Misunderstanding 3: “Slow child” means that “stupid child” learns one thing slower than other children. In a new environment, it is easy to not adapt, etc. These behaviors are easily regarded by parents and teachers as a “stupid child”.
These are manifestations of low adaptability, not the ability of these children, but just a way of behavior for some children.

“Slow children” may learn a poem more slowly, but they generally remember relatively fast and longer, which is a habitual way for them to learn things.

Moreover, when these “slow children” grow up, there are likely to be other advantages that other “fast children” do not have.-When encountering bad stimuli such as drug abuse, theft, etc., it is not as easy to change as those who accept fast children.Right to examine the attitude to accept.

Foreign academic experts also suggest that parents let their children learn to control the rhythm and slowly think about doing things slowly. This can help the child learn how to control his behavior and the rhythm of some languages.

Misunderstanding 4: Children “love action” means “hyperactivity disorder” No one speaks in the classroom, everyone listens quietly-this is a classroom atmosphere that all teachers like, but it is basically impossible, some children will always sayTalking, doing small movements, etc., disrupt the classroom order, and these children are often considered by teachers to have ADHD.

According to Dr. Levin’s eight systems theory, this kind of child actually has the advantage of motor function, so he likes to use his body to represent language.

Therefore, not all children who are “active” are really higher than ADHD.

Some children are relatively smart. After listening to the teacher half the lesson, they have mastered the basics, know what to say next, and start doing small moves when they feel bored.

For such children, teachers and parents should learn to understand their characteristics and adopt different ways of education.

For example, the teacher can ask a question when the child is bored, praise it, and mobilize his interest to continue listening.

In fact, children who focus on problems are often very creative, and their brains often come up with new ideas.

At the same time, these children who are concerned about defects often show impulsive behavior, so the school will label them as “bad children”, which is criticized by teachers.

Actually, adults just ignore their creation.

The correct way is to let them realize that they have achievements, and at the same time let them know that they have concerns, so as to help them correctly understand themselves and make them successful in the future.