MM loves cleavage, beware of breast hyperplasia

MM loves cleavage, beware of breast hyperplasia

There is a spread on the Internet: “How does a golden nail makeup artist expose materials to expand plump breasts”? Buy an underwear salesman and teach you how to squeeze out the cleavage . In fact, everyone may also play drums-will expanding sexuality be harmful to health?

  Gynecologists remind that the result of long-term squeeze out of the cleavage is to reduce or prevent the return of lymph fluid in the breast, local qi and blood are not smooth, resulting in breast hyperplasia, and rarely interrupted activities, which will affect normal breathing.

In addition, the milking sulcus suffers from long-term compression of fiber bundles and ducts in the breast, which can affect the secretion and excretion of postpartum milk and directly affect subsequent breastfeeding.

  Many women go to work from morning to night, but do not necessarily pay attention to the posture of sitting, either at the desk or with Erlang’s legs, they can’t always relax, and they are stuffy like a young daughter-in-law who is enraged. How can the breasts be beautiful?

If you insist on correct sitting posture, you can make your breasts more fit. You can also try “clamping the book”, clamp the book under your arms, and slowly lift your hands forward to a flat position.Practice many times.

This position helps to strengthen the chest muscles and straighten the buttocks.

  Before going to bed, you can also do push-ups to increase your breasts.

When doing this exercise, your knees must be upright, not sagging, your abdominal muscles tightened, and your waist should not fall when your body is down.

Although this exercise is tiring, it is really good for breast enhancement.

In fact, doing push-ups does not make the breasts bigger because the breasts have muscles.

However, the lower pectoral muscles of breast cancer can be increased by exercise. The pectoral muscles are slightly enlarged, and it seems to become fuller and more flexible.

Parents should pay attention to children learning baseball

Parents should pay attention to children learning baseball

Ballet has been practiced since childhood, but children need to pay attention to many issues when learning ballet. How much do you know as a parent?

Children’s perception should be good now, but children need a good guide to learn anything, and parents play a big role.

So for children, snacks are necessary, and there is no obligation to lend.

If the child is young, it is impossible for the teacher to see all the actions of an individual in the classroom. It is important for parents to remind them appropriately after class.

  Question 1: Is it possible for children to learn ballet from the age of 4 and 9 years old, is it better to learn early or later.

  The teacher replied: children can learn ballet from the age of 4 to 15 years. For example, when they are young, they can learn quality training time, but they have to worry about it, but they are happy and happy.

  Children’s perception should be good now, but children need a good guide to learn anything, and parents play a big role.
So for children, snacks are necessary, and there is no obligation to lend.

If the child is young, it is impossible for the teacher to see all the actions of an individual in the classroom. It is important for parents to remind them appropriately after class.

  Question 2: When is it good for children to start practicing toes? Some books say that they are over 10 years old, but I see that some very young children are dancing with their toes and they dance well. Can this break their feet?

  The teacher replied: Generally speaking, it is the practice of toes to be more than ten years old.

  For children who have begun to learn ballet at the age of seven, they admit that they really need to be on their toes when they have sufficient strength and ability, that is, after three or four, after ten.

  But with proper training methods, the age of the child’s toes can be advanced.

  In domestic baseball teams, most children learn baseball from the age of four or five.

According to the teaching materials of the Beijing Dance Academy, children begin to touch the toes after three or four years.

But the practice is very different from abroad. Toes are just a small change of the whole lesson. The time before and after is only ten minutes, and not every toe has toe training.

Moreover, there are teachers who pay careful attention to the abilities of each child, so it is safe for the child to use the upper toe.

But only when the child has enough strength and ability to tiptoe.

  Question 3: How can parents cooperate with their children’s learning?

  My child is learning ballet, but we don’t know how to cooperate with my child?

Do you want her to practice regularly at home?

Do you practice yourself for hours like learning piano?

  The teacher replied: hello; don’t have to be hours a day, please ask her ballet teacher what to strengthen, because each child’s conditions are different.
  Question 4: How much influence does child practice dance have on growth and development?

  Hello, teacher!

I am a parent of a ballet student. My child is 6 and a half years old and has been learning ballet for more than a year. Since 2 years old, she has enjoyed dancing, editing, singing and dancing.

At the age of 5, we started sending her ballet lessons, and now I feel OK.

However, our parents are very confused and have many concerns. It is very difficult and hard for children to practice a lot of basic skills during dance practice.

I don’t know how much impact this practice will have on the growth and development of children in the future.

We don’t know anything about ballet, and the teacher is more optimistic about my children.

We want to change to other dances. I don’t know what to do?

Ask the teacher to answer truthfully.

Thank you!

  The teacher replied: hello; as long as her teacher trains step by step according to the teaching method, there is no problem, but ballet training is really very difficult. If your child is very delicate, then encourage her.

  Question 5: Do I need training at home?

  A little girl is now 5 years old and has been learning ballet for six months. She likes ballet very much, but every time she learns new moves, she always dares not to do it.

She also practiced very seriously at home, but sometimes her actions were not in place. Ask the teacher, how can parents help her?

Guide her?
Do I need training at home?
  The teacher replied that the following actions can be practiced at home: string opening and closing is very important. You can open at home against the wall, tighten your buttocks and legs, align and straighten your insteps, relax your shoulders, straighten your back, and stretch your backs hard.

At the same time, the bladder can be lowered for ten minutes.

  If there is something similar to carrying in the home, press the legs on the handle. It is recommended to press the upper legs, the main legs open outwards, and step on the ground hard. The power legs must also open on the handles. The open must be outside the entire leg.Open, close your legs and buttocks, start from the base of your thighs, and push your ass forward.

When the bladder is below the waist, it is best to put your back on your legs.

  Question 6: Will learning baseball be thick?

  The teacher answered: No.

  Learning drama can help children develop slender muscles and improve congenital poor postures (including sitting postures or poor walking methods), so that the entire body can achieve bodybuilding effects.

The sphere itself is not as effective as learning painting and singing. It takes a long time to practice controlling and coordinating the body, patience, perseverance and understanding.

  It is also important to choose experienced mentors.

  Question 7: Can boys learn focus?

Will it become feminine?

  The teacher replied: boys can learn baseball without becoming feminine.

  People always think that[boys]learning baseball will become[feminine]and will be teased, but they ignore the basic benefits of spots that can increase bone metabolism and slender body.

  Ballet dance originated in France. It started with[male]and first became popular in the court. Later, it evolved into men’s and women’s solo dance, men’s solo dance and women’s solo dance.

In fact, male and female dance steps are similar in style, except for the same basic skills.

Just like fabric, you can make women’s clothes, or as men’s clothing, care about style and style!

  Boys learn to dance. They are more generous, agile, and patient than men of the same age, and their bones and body shape grow better than their peers.

This may have a lot to do with Xi Wu.

This virtually builds too much self-confidence, and they grow up decent and decent.

  Moreover, the physical structure and growth process of men are very different from women. For example, the spine of men is relatively straight, the pelvis is narrow, the length of feet is faster than the length of the body . etc .;Different sets of related but different combinations of movements are strong and powerful in terms of hands and lines, not feminine. They are mainly jumping and rotating to enhance their coordination.

A good way to supplement your baby’s zinc

A good way to supplement your baby’s zinc

Experts suggest that you can check your child’s trace elements regularly at the hospital. Once you find that your child is short of zinc, you should take zinc under the guidance of a doctor.

Because this kind of medicine needs to take the corresponding time and intake, can not be eaten randomly.

  To get zinc supplemented, the baby must first ensure a balanced diet and re-determine it. Experts say that this is the basic principle to solve the problem of zinc deficiency in children.

Animal viscera, lean meat, fish, and shellfish are all foods rich in zinc. In addition, egg yolks and nuts should be eaten more to ensure sufficient intake of zinc.

Eating rice is an important cause of zinc deficiency. Too many parents are surprised by their children’s zinc deficiency. “Now the standard of living is not low. Children eat well and dress well. How can they be zinc deficient?

“The American doctor of biomedicine explained that staple food is an important cause of this situation.

Most people eat rice as a staple food, and eating noodles is already a habit, but in fact, there is a substance called phytic acid in rice noodles, which can combine with zinc to form compounds, which the human body cannot absorb normally, resulting in zinc deficiency.Lack of zinc in children will affect normal development.

  However, the phytic acid present in the staple food also has a feature. If it is fermented, the phytic acid will be reduced and it will no longer affect the absorption of zinc.

Therefore, eating steamed bread is more conducive to the absorption of zinc than rice.

  In some countries, the eating habits of the north and the south are different. You can see a clear contrast: the northerners who are accustomed to eating steamed bread are taller, while the southerners who are accustomed to eating rice are relatively short, which is to some extent zincRelated to the amount of attraction.

According to a survey, bread-eaten westerners are relatively zinc deficient.

  Children who are picky eaters are prone to zinc deficiency. Although rice, noodles have a lot to do with children’s zinc deficiency, but they can’t all be attributed to this.

If the child does not eat enough, it will be difficult to reach normal levels even if the child is fully absorbed.

Experts say that some children are very picky eaters, especially those who do not like to eat meat, absorb too little zinc, and are extremely vulnerable to zinc deficiency.

  Experts explain that the misconceptions of some parents can also cause zinc deficiency in their children.

For example, the liver of animals is a food rich in zinc, but some parents think that the liver is an organ for detoxification, so it must be toxic, so it is not allowed for children to eat, and it affects the absorption of zinc for a long time.

  In addition, experts mention a point that is particularly easy for parents to ignore. Children who grow too fast are also vulnerable to zinc deficiency.

Zinc is an important element to promote height growth. If the child grows too fast, the demand for zinc will increase greatly. If it is not supplemented in time, it will naturally lead to zinc deficiency.

  Zinc supplements must first be sufficient, and then ensure absorption. Zinc supplements must first ensure a balanced diet and transformation. Experts say that this is the basic principle to solve the problem of zinc deficiency in children.

Animal viscera, lean meat, fish, and shellfish are all foods rich in zinc. In addition, egg yolks and nuts should be eaten more to ensure sufficient intake of zinc.

  Of course, after absorbing a sufficient amount, it is necessary to ensure as much absorption as possible.

Therefore, Dr. Chai suggested that you should eat more fermented foods, and some can eat pasta such as bread, steamed bread, etc. in addition to rice; you should also increase the substitution of dairy products because dairy products do not contain phytic acid and will not affectTo zinc absorption and can enhance nutrition.

For children who are to be weaned, when adding complementary foods, you can try Dr. Chai’s recommended method: feed the child with milk soaked in bread.

  Experts suggest that you can check your child’s trace elements regularly at the hospital. Once you find that your child is short of zinc, you should take zinc under the guidance of a doctor.
Because this kind of medicine needs to take the corresponding time and intake, can not be eaten randomly.

For example, do not take zinc immediately after a meal, or it may be compounded again and lose the meaning of supplementation.

Experts are also outstanding, it is best not to buy health supplements to eat by yourself.

Because the zinc content in the health products is reduced, it is difficult to supplement, and the related products on the market are too complicated, and some are difficult to guarantee in quality.

Check the optimal serving temperature for different foods

Check the optimal serving temperature for different foods

Every food tastes best at a specific temperature.

The earliest European and American countries have appeared kitchen food thermometers to accurately measure the optimal temperature of food, allowing you to cook the most delicious food.

The temperature of the food and its taste, nutrition are closely related.

  The optimal water temperature for brewing tea is 70 ° C – 80 ° C, so that the tea is soaked in color and flavor, and the nutrients contained in the tea such as vitamin C, caffeine, synthetic acid and the like are not damaged.

The tea should be kept at 65 °C after the tea is soaked.

  Drinking water at the level of drinking, the water of the mouth, the optimal temperature is 35 ° C -38 ° C, such water temperature on the mouth, the tooth stimulation is minimal.

When boiling water is cooled to 12 ° C – 17 ° C, it is the most refreshing to drink.

  Drinking soups tastes best at 60 ° C – 65 ° C.

At this time, the “real material” in the soup and the water are fully blended, and the seasoning can fully exert the taste and taste better.

  Boiled milk and milk should not be cooked for a long time. Generally, when it is 60°C-70°C, it can achieve the purpose of sterilization and disinfection.

This is because the potential protein in milk undergoes shrinkage changes when heated.

  From the perspective of retaining nutrients, raw vegetables, quick-fried, steamed, stewed, microwaved and other cooking methods are better. Relative fried, boiled, char-grilled, fried, etc. are not suitable.

Vegetables at 60 ° C -80 ° C easily cause some vitamin damage.

When soup is cooked, the vegetables in the soup should not be heated for too long to avoid damage to the vitamin C.

The edible vegetables are best at 50 ° C – 60 ° C, and the taste is best.

  Meat meat products are the most fragrant and fresh at 70 ° C -75 ° C.

The whole poultry should reach 82 ° C, and the thickest meat will be cooked.

  The optimum temperature for rushing honey into honey water is 50 ° C -60 ° C.

If you use boiling water to wash honey, completely change the sweet taste of honey and make it sour, it will decompose the enzyme in honey.

  The frying pan of fried seafood should be at a temperature of about 90 ° C, and the cooking temperature should be 70 ° C, which is not too hot and tastes the most delicious.

When the oil temperature of the fried seafood is too low, the unripe seafood is unsanitary and easily causes diarrhea.

However, when the temperature is too high, the protein contained in the seafood will be solidified and become difficult to digest.

  Eat watermelon to eat watermelon at 8 ° C -10 ° C is appropriate, below this temperature, you can not taste the true sweet and sandy taste and taste; above this temperature, completely perishable, can not quench your thirst.

  Cold drinks such as cold drink popsicles taste best between 0°C and -6°C, while ice cream has the best inlet at 6°C; soda is refreshing at 3°C-5°C; the best temperature for drinking juice is 8°C-10 ° C.

Although juice and ice are fashionable, it is easy to stimulate the stomach; heating is enough to destroy the taste of the intestines, and it is easy to destroy the vitamins in the juice.

  The most suitable blending temperature for wine tasting red wine is around 18 °C. Of course, depending on the season, the temperature suitable for incorporation will also change.

But the difference should be around 2 °C.

Beer can be as pleasant as 6°C-8°C in summer and most mellow in winter 10°C-12°C.

  The MSG should generally be added during the quick-dissolving or just after the pan, because the temperature of the dish is about 70 °C-90 °C, which is the best temperature for the dissolution of MSG, and the umami is also the strongest.

Conversely, when the temperature exceeds 120 ° C, the sodium glutamate in MSG will be coked, with no umami taste and certain toxicity.

Bedroom—the birthplace of lean muscle

Bedroom—the birthplace of lean muscle

一、俯卧撑  可以说是徒手健身增肥的最好方式之一,我给它起的外号叫全能战士,通过不同手臂距离变化和高地位的变化可以达到不同的锻炼效果,现在我简单的说a bit.
General push-ups.
  Do not pad anything back and forth. The distance between the two hands is slightly wider than the shoulders. When you go down, your chest should be almost on the ground.
The main muscle stimulated by this action is the middle of the pectoralis muscles, followed by the deltoid anterior triceps and triceps brachii (the opposite muscle of the biceps brachii for newcomers who do not understand).
  You can do 3 sets a day. If you can do 12 sets independently, add a little weight to your back.
  Push ups too high.
The main exercise of the upper part of the chest muscles is not necessary for newcomers, because you don’t have the chest muscles. Exercise the middle of the chest muscles first. This exercise is done to further perfect your chest.
  Footsteps lifted.
Exercise the lower part of the chest, also belongs to advanced exercise programs, newcomers do not do.
The distance between the hands is wider than the shoulders.
  The main exercise is the triceps and the inner side of the pectoral muscles.
  At home, you can do push-ups with wider hands in 3 groups and narrower push-ups with hands in 3 groups. It is enough for students with more power. Two sets of 5 moves are sufficient for each action.To stimulate the muscles in a short period of time, if your training time is marathon, it will only consume a lot of physical strength, and the hormone secretion time during exercise is about 1 hour. If you exceed this time, the exercise effectVery poor.
  Second, pull-ups are the second all-around warrior project. It will create perfect back muscles and strong biceps. The exercise method is the same as above.
It mainly stimulates the muscles, pulls up the forehand, and mainly stimulates the great round muscles (muscles in the place behind the armpits), the middle and upper latissimus dorsi, biceps brachii, brachialis, and forearm muscles.
This action requires high initial strength. A novice who ca n’t do it can practice the hanging bar first. In addition, it is recommended to buy 2 dumbbells. After doing this, it is recommended to bend 3 sets of dumbbells to fully and completelyMuscle stimulation, 2 movements, simple, convenient, effective, no more than 40 minutes.
  3. Squats: I don’t have a barbell at home, so I can hold dumbbells (dumbbells can be bought on Taobao or nearby supermarkets), pick up a dumbbell with both hands, stand up and squat down, it’s simple.
The most important point of the action is that when standing up, the waist must be vertical to the ground. Do not come together and bend up. One is a great stimulus to the waist. The other is to let the muscles of the legs be subjected to the power of the waist.Break down and squat down as slowly as possible. If you squat down quickly, you must use inertia when you get up. That is meaningless. The deeper you squat, the more you can stimulate the gluteus maximus.
  There are 3 actions in total. It ‘s that simple. Stick to 4 eggs a day for 3 months and eat them all. Do n’t consider cholesterol. We do n’t need to consider this at this level. Drink milk as much as possible. Eat more chicken and beef. Eat more rice steamed buns.Be sure to eat more, even if less protein, eat more rice.
  Stick to it for 3 months. If you have lost weight for many years, you might as well take out 3 months and complete it according to this fitness and weight gain plan, you will feel different.

Men’s fitness pay attention to these 5 parts

Men’s fitness pay attention to these 5 parts

In men’s daily exercise, waist, back, covering and arms play a very important role.

If you want to maintain the movement function of these parts, it is best to do more targeted exercises to help those parts. Here are some simple soft exercises to recruit, and more help to promote the support of arms and lower back, usually replace on the bed or on the ground.Yes, men want to maintain “strength”, it is best to take time a few times every night, the number of times depends on each person’s different constitutions.

  Stretch forward to stretch your weight into the ground and into the lower body, straight forward, lift slightly forward, try to tilt forward and forward with your feet, maintaining each shift for 10 to 15 seconds, and then slowlyRelax.

  As the name suggests, the cat posture tilts like a cat breaking; firstly, stretch forward vertically with the palms touching the ground, and then pull the upper body back above you to sit on your hips to touch your feet, with your feet kneeling and your knees on the ground.Stick your feet to the top, stretch your arms as much as possible, lengthen your head and ends, and stretch for 10 to 15 seconds. Then slowly relax and repeat the whole movement.

  The elbow palm pressing posture is similar to ordinary palm pressing, the difference is that the top is on the ground.

Support the ground slightly beyond the radial head vertically, and then perform a palm press to bend and straighten.

Pay attention to keeping the waist slightly bent, each movement lasts for 10 seconds, and then do it again, but remember to do it according to your ability.

Mustard can detoxify eyesight and antioxidant

Mustard can detoxify eyesight and antioxidant

Mustard may have multiple nutrients. Before eating mustard, some people could not stand its scum and bitter taste.

  A new variety absolutely produced in Dianbai County, Guangdong-“Shuidong mustard” has completely changed people’s views.

  This variety of mustard is popular in the market because it has few leaves and many stems and is refreshing and sweet.

  According to Zeng Qingshan, a nutritionist at the Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, mustard may have a variety of nutrients, especially the content of vitamin C, vitamin A and carotene in various vegetables.

  It has the functions of anti-oxidation, heat-clearing and detoxification, and eyesight. At the same time, it can also replace constipation by replacing the replacement fiber.

  Recommended food method: Mustard potato bone soup soup Ingredients: 300 grams of mustard, 150 grams of potatoes, two pork bones, ginger and appropriate seasoning.

  Method: After washing the pork bone tube, salt it for 3 hours before passing through water; peel and slice the potatoes, wash the mustard and cut into large pieces; put the ginger first, add the pork bone tube to the water pot for 40 minutes, and then put the potato chip pot 5Minutes, and finally add mustard and cook for 5 minutes, seasoning.

  Features: This soup is rich in nutrients. Among them, potassium is added to potatoes, and mustard is sweet and hot, which is very suitable for summer.

The old man’s face movement can make the ears clear

The old man’s “face movement” can make the ears clear

I am nearly old and thin, still full of black hair, full of mouthful teeth, no thick wrinkles on my face, listening very well.
During the Cultural Revolution, I was hit and suffered from high blood pressure. However, there have been few symptoms of dizziness and headache. Several physical examinations have not been obvious.
To sum up, it is inseparable from my insistence on “face movement” for more than 50 years.
  Still in my teenage years, my friends taught me the “face movement” fitness method.
The method is not complicated, it will be learned once, and it will take a lot of time every day.
Ideally, after getting up in the morning every morning, choose a place with fresh air, maximizing the mouth, pushing all the muscles of the face and even the scalp, and performing rhythmic movements (about 1 second for a contract), at least 100 times untilI feel that my face and scalp are slightly warm.
Every time I have done “face movement”, I always feel sleepy and clear-headed, and I am quick-minded every day.
  I once consulted some experts. They believe that if a certain part of the human body persists in scientific exercise for a long time, it can accelerate blood circulation and promote metabolism, thus delaying the “aging” of organs in this part.
  After half a century of practice, I have proved that adhering to the “face movement” can not only make a person’s ears clear and black, but also prevent the premature appearance of “Dragon Bell” and enhance the elasticity of blood vessels in the brain.Effective prevention of stroke and Alzheimer’s disease can be described as a lot of benefits.

Eliminate excess meat I have slimming yoga

Eliminate excess meat I have slimming yoga

Eliminate excess meat in the abdomen[twist in place]扭 Twist the waist from side to side, which can stimulate the external and internal abdominal muscles, thereby making the belly and waist thinner.

  Action analysis: 1, legs open, the distance between the two feet and the back of the same width.

  2. While inhaling, lift both arms side to side, then exhale, and at the same time put your left hand to the right foot and offset.

Look at the tip of your right finger, which is tilted upwards.

  3. Inhale again, straighten your upper body, and then bend to the other foot while exhaling in the same way.

Alternate left and right for more than 3 times.

  At first, the analysis of the excess meat on the waist and legs[Standing forward and leaning forward]: 1. Open the legs to the same width as the shoulders.

Thinn waist and legs.

In addition, it has the same effect as the inverted handstand.

  2. Inhale first, then lean forward while holding your breath, hold your feet with both hands and step on them.

  3. Hold your breath in an adjusted position, and then increase the amount of flexion of your upper body while exhaling.

Your fingers and legs must be straight behind.

Do more than 3 times.

  Shape beautiful body[deformed snake limb function] can make sagging hips up, the lines closer to it will be more perfect, and the left and right cross of the spine will become uniform.

People with different shoulder heights or body leaning to one side, people with uneven legs, etc. can be corrected.

The curve of the chin can also be aesthetically pleasing.

In addition, all kinds of twisting work or deformed twisting work have these effects.

  1, prone.

Grab your right hand forward and grab your right foot with your left hand.

  2. Inhale, and then lift your right hand upwards while holding your breath. The upper body can also be lifted upwards to the right hand.

Hold your right leg by your left hand, while keeping your right leg on the ground, and keep your left leg off the ground.

Exhale and move again.

  3. On the other side, repeat 3 or more times in the same way.

   Eliminate excess meat and increase the vitality of the body[sun axial work] make the chin and alignment curve more beautiful.

It can lift the sagging hips and make the back line more perfect.

The waist will also become thinner.

Adjust the lines of the whole body and relax the tangled muscles of the legs, so that you have a beautiful back.

In addition, supine leg lifting, tibial peristalsis, twisting movements and other actions can help us up and down the chin, erect, excess meat on the top and other parts.

  1. Put your feet together and put your hands together on your chest for prayer.

Sink the qi into Dantian and exhale the qi after smoothing the breath.

  2. Hold your arms up while inhaling, and connect your upper body to lean back instead.

At this time, the waist must be forced, otherwise it will damage the waist.

At the same time, it is necessary to eliminate the nervousness of fear and to naturally lean back.

  3. Bend forward while exhaling.

Keep your hands and feet in a straight line, with your forehead toward your legs.

At this point, your legs must be straight.

  4. Inhale, insert your left foot (or right foot) and tilt it backwards, while positioning the palms and feet on a straight line, and do not allow the knee joint to be damaged and bend the legs at an angle of 90 degrees.

Spindle up as far as possible, aiming your eyes at the sky.
  5. Hold your breath and alternately extend the other leg backwards so that the part offset from head to toe is in a straight line.

At this time, the eyes should look between the two hands.

  6, while exhaling, align, chest, forehead back to the ground in turn.

Raise your chest, at the same time lift your feet and push them inward.

  7. Inhale, insert the hips and lower them, relax your toes, then put your legs together, and lean back and do the posture of snake leaning.

Eyes are looking at the sky.
  8. While exhaling, make the soles of the feet touch the ground and drag the shoulders backwards, so that the whole body becomes an inverted V shape.

Keep your eyes on your toes.

  9. While inhaling, place your left foot (or right foot) between your two hands.

Keep the same position as 4 but change the left and right legs to each other.

Because this can maintain the right and left balance.

  10. Exhale while holding your legs together, keeping the same position as 3.

  11. While inhaling, raise your arm above your head and lean back.

Keep the same posture as 2.

  12. While exhaling, slowly return to the original position, and lower your arms.

  Sun contraction exercises are generally repeated 4 times for the overall movement, and it is best to repeat it 12 times after you are proficient.

  Eliminate excess meat in the lower legs and waist[bending function]to promote circulation of qi and blood, so that the internal circulation is unobstructed, and at the same time it will contract.

The legs and waist will become thinner.

In addition, supine leg lifting also has the effect of shaping the perfect waist line and leg line.

  One of the reasons why the abdomen is protruding is because of the built-in muddy gas.

This posture can enhance spleen function, thereby regulating weight, enhancing built-in functions, and helping to expel internal turbid air.

  1, supine.

Exhale and inhale, while bending your right leg and holding it for a while, then pull your leg to your chest.

The upper body only needs to be lifted to a part of the scapula (bone at the top and back).

  2. Lower your upper body while holding your legs.

Take a breath while lying on your back, then lift your upper body while holding your breath.

  3. Hold your breath well, exhale, and curl your body as much as possible.

  4. Practice on the other side in the same way.

With the legs straight, use the same method to alternate left and right.

Do more than 3 times.

  After editing: No matter if you are tall, thin, or thin, it can be beautiful. The key is to be symmetrical and there is no excess meat. Practicing this set of yoga will not only help you eliminate excess meat, but also relax your body and mind.

The benefits of women eating apples lower blood pressure


The benefits of women eating apples lower blood pressure

Many people should like to eat apples. The frequency of apples appearing in our lives is also the highest. Fruit stores are sold all year round. When it comes to apples, the nutritional value of apples is even more praise. Anyway, women eat apples.The benefits are really superfluous.

銆€銆€Benefits of eating apples 1. Potassium apples contain potassium, which lowers blood pressure and prevents high blood pressure.

For people with high blood pressure, eating apples is beneficial!

銆€銆€The benefits of eating apples 2, pectin pectin belongs to the predetermined dietary fiber that breaks down water.

Alkaline dietary fiber has adhesiveness and must take time to move in the stomach, so it can promote gastrointestinal motility and help defecation.

銆€銆€The benefits of eating apples 3, apple polyphenols have been researched that apple polyphenols can inhibit reactive oxygen species and prevent dark spots.

It has the effect of revealing apple light from the skin.

It seems that if you want to be beautiful, eating apples will save you!

銆€銆€The benefits of eating apples 4, citric acid, malic acid citric acid and malic acid can decompose lactic acid, which is a fatigue substance, and has the effect of eliminating fatigue.

Office workers can bring an apple every day, and when they are more sleepy in the afternoon, they can get rid of fatigue.

銆€銆€Through the above sharing, I hope to have a reference value for everyone.

I wish you good health.