[Can pregnant women eat toon buds]_Toon buds_Pregnancy_Can I eat

[Can pregnant women eat toon buds]_Toon buds_Pregnancy_Can I eat

The diet of pregnant women has a lot of attention, after all, it is related to the growth and health of weight, and pregnant women can eat toon properly during pregnancy, because there is a certain effect of promoting appetite to clear heat and detoxification, but we must pay attention to the source of the toon and determineEliminate pesticides, and soak and clean thoroughly in the early stage.

First, can pregnant women eat toon?

1. Pregnant women can eat toon.

Pregnant women eating toon have the effect of promoting appetite, clearing heat and detoxifying, and skin care.

In addition, Toona sinensis contains vitamin E and sex hormones, so it also has the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing yin. It is known as a “progestin”; women can also eat during pregnancy to help pregnancy.

2. However, from the point of view of the nature of Toona sinensis, Toona sinensis is cold, and it is recommended to try not to eat it in early pregnancy because obesity in early pregnancy and eating cold foods may cause miscarriage, but there is no major obstacle in the middle and late stages.

Second, pregnant women eat toon Note Although pregnant women can eat toon, but toon is cold after all, pregnant women for their own and fetal health and safety, it is best not to eat more, to control the amount, there are some precautions in the process of eatingEspecially proud.

1. The source of toon buds must be clear. Make sure that they do not contain pesticides or fully soak and wash before eating.

2. Toon buds must be cooked and eaten. Put in toon scrambled eggs. If you like cold tofu, you should also pay attention to boiling toon with boiling water for 5 minutes and draining the water before eating. The benefits of boiling toon with boiling water are alsoConducive to reducing the content of nitrite.

3. When making toon cakes, pay attention to removing the harder stems of toon, because hard stems and noodles will cause inconvenience. Of course, pregnant women eat harder parts and easily cause gum damage.

4, pregnant women can eat toon buds is not fake, but not too greedy, too much food will cause harm to the body.

[How to make pumpkin and duck wings]_ Home cooking of pumpkin and duck wings _ Practice of pumpkin and duck wings _ How to make pumpkin and duck wings

[How to make pumpkin and duck wings]_ Home cooking of pumpkin and duck wings _ Practice of pumpkin and duck wings _ How to make pumpkin and duck wings

For most cities, it is not difficult to find that roadside stalls abound.

Although this is convenient for many people, who can guarantee the hygiene of the meal?

Eating roadside stalls for a long time will inevitably lead to major diseases.

And for health or you can choose to eat at home.

Below, I will introduce how to make pumpkin and duck wings.


Three duck wings 2.

One piece of pumpkin is about 200 grams, and one pepper is 3 pieces.

Wash and chop duck wings, marinate with cooking wine, raw soy sauce, pepper, salt and sugar for 20 minutes and taste 4.

Slice pumpkin and pepper, shred ginger, and mince garlic 5.

Put a moderate amount of oil in the pot, and when the oil temperature is slightly higher, stir-fry the duck wings until it changes color 6.

Pour into a small bowl of water and cover with a medium-low heat for about 5 minutes. The duck wings will boil until soft.

Then add pumpkin and pepper to cook until the pumpkin is cooked, add a small amount of salt and chicken essence to serve.


Finished product 19.

The finished 2 pumpkin and duck wings have been introduced, and you should have almost mastered it.

Well, you can go to the kitchen now. For the family, children, and yourself, please carefully prepare this dish. This is a different kind of “mind”.

[How do the potato chips pass through the milk knot step?

】 _Production method_Methods

[How do the potato chips pass through the milk knot step?
】 _Production method_Methods

Potatoes are generally used as ingredients in life, and it is very popular because potatoes taste very delicious and can be put into a variety of delicious snacks, which is loved by people.

Potatoes can even be used as ingredients, and they can also be used for medical purposes. For example, many women use potatoes to solve the problem of milk knots. Let’s take a look at how the potato chips pass through the milk knot steps.

The treatment of the phenomenon of milk formation and milk plugging: if there is no pain in the milk block alone, you can let the baby suck. Don’t underestimate the baby’s suction. The baby’s suction is the most effective and biggest.It can help the mother to clear up well. It should be noted that at this time, because the baby is not able to milk well, the baby has to resist breastfeeding, so the mothers must be patient and help the baby to suck more times.

In severe cases, cold compresses are required in most cases, and warm compresses in some cases, and most of the milking methods can be used: can not be kneaded vigorously, not hot compresses, the correct method of treatment: cabbage leaves or potato chips at room temperature cold lumps,Avoid nipples and areolas, try not more than 20 minutes each time, apply it to the baby and suck more. When sucking, point the chin at the lump. The lump can be used in the 69 style.

Note: Cabbage leaves use a rolling pin to squeeze out the juice for better results. This is recommended by WHO because it contains an enzyme to reduce swelling, and potato chips have the same effect.

1), potato chips, cabbage potato chips, peel a few leaves of cabbage, put it in the refrigerator a little bit, take it out, put it on the milky place, and then change another one, which can effectively relieve pain.

2) Cactus and fresh dandelion If you have cactus or fresh dandelion in your home, you can smash the cactus or mash the fresh dandelion and apply it on the milky place to relieve it.

3) Cold towels are getting cold now. I don’t recommend applying cold towels, it’s too cold.

Some cities in the south or summer, you can try.

Wu Tailai (603659) Company Review: Shares in Needle Coke Co., Ltd. Revitalize Carbon Material and Extend Vertically to Improve Industrial Chain Layout

Wu Tailai (603659) Company Review: Shares in Needle Coke Co., Ltd. Revitalize Carbon Material and Extend Vertically to Improve Industrial Chain Layout

Investment Highlights The company intends to acquire the revitalized carbon materials it holds from its related party Kuoyuan Enterprise.

57% equity.

The revitalization of carbon materials was established in September 17th, of which Shandong Weijiao Holding Group and Weifang Zhenxing Investment held a total of 60% of shares, and Kuoyuan Enterprise held 28.

57% of the shares are held by Ningbo Lufeng Kailin Investment Partnership (a private equity fund managed by a private equity fund managed by Sun Tailai Holdings) in Ningbo Meishan Bonded Port Area11.


Kuo Yuan Enterprise is a wholly-owned enterprise established by Liang Tailai, Chairman of the Board, and the actual controller Liang Feng.

400 million capital 深圳桑拿网 increase to invest in revitalizing carbon materials, holding 28 shares.

57%, this time the Thai Thai plan will be 1.

4.5 billion to acquire this part of the equity.

Share participation in revitalizing carbon materials and improving supply chain security.

The capacity of revitalizing carbon material 4 into needle-shaped coke has been put into production. At the current production line commissioning, if the commissioning is completed, it is expected to meet 2 at a yield of 60%.

5 artificial graphite demand, and by the middle of the company’s artificial graphite production capacity reached 5 figures.

At present, most of the company’s needle coke imports are mainly breakthroughs affected by price fluctuations, accounting for 40-50% of the cost. After the shareholding revitalization, the price of raw materials will be gradually reduced and the industrial chain layout will be improved.

The competitive landscape of permanent materials is stable, with the first three cities accounting for nearly 70%. The release of graphitization capacity reduces costs and improves profitability.

In the first half of 19th, the increase in supply was limited and the price was stable; the carbon released from the end of the second quarter began every month, and the graphitization started in the third quarter. The release of graphitization capacity reduced the cost by 15-20%.

In 19 years, artificial graphite supplemented effective production capacity of 5-6 additives, and the overall supply and demand were relatively balanced.

As new production capacity is released in the second half of the year, the price is expected to be firm in the first half of the year, and the price reduction space is expected to be 10-15% in the second half of the year.

20,000 / ton.

In the future, the high-end of graphite formaldehyde is obvious, and the leading advantages are expected to benefit.

Huatailai is positioned as an absolute leader in the high-end artificial graphite market. In 19 years, it will release the release power market, and it is hopeful in the future.

In the 18 years, the company’s long-term budget volume 3 investment, about 70% of the consumer market, has already accounted for 40-50% of the consumer market.

In 19, the company added temporary production capacity of 2 lengths, and put into operation graphitization capacity of the subsidiary in Shandong Xingfeng, Mongolia. The graphene production capacity was put into operation. According to our calculations, self-supply graphitization can effectively reduce costs by 7,000 yuan / ton. Power market, CATL, LG,Samsung is highly recognized and optimistic about growth.

Investment suggestion: 2019-2021 is expected to return to the mother net profit8.



3 billion, an increase of 47% / 35% / 31% over the same period, EPS is 2.



53 yuan, corresponding to PE of 23x / 17x / 13x. Considering that the company is an artificial graphite leader and production capacity is running smoothly, it is given 34 times PE in 2019 with a target price of 68 yuan and maintains a “buy” rating.

Risk warning: the price of batteries and materials fluctuates, and competition intensifies.

Huaxia Happiness (600340) 2019 Interim Report Review: Steady increase in performance and improvement in repayments

Huaxia Happiness (600340) 2019 Interim Report Review: Steady increase in performance and improvement in repayments

The company’s operating income in 19H1 was 387%, a year-on-year increase of 22%, and Ping An’s shareholding + equity incentive dual commitment promised steady growth in the next two years.

30,000 yuan, an increase of 10 in ten years.

7%, including real estate settlement income of 228.

80,000 yuan, an annual increase of 20.

6%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 84.

80,000 yuan, an annual increase of 22.

4%; net profit attributable to non- mothers is 84.

40,000 yuan, an increase of 30 in ten years.

7%; basic income 2.

78 yuan, an increase of 23 in ten years.

6%; gross sales margin and net profit attributable to mothers are 48.

7% and 21.

9%, with an annual increase of 3%.

1pct and 2.

1 point; three expense ratios total.

4%, a decline of 2 per year.

3 points, mainly due to the decrease in management fee rate2.


2019H1 final advance receipts amounted to USD 1,403 trillion, a continuous decline of 2.

1%, covering 2 of 18 years of real estate settlement income.

7 times, much higher than the industry average.

In addition, Ping An’s stock performance commitment is consistent with the company’s equity incentive, that is, the 18-20 year performance is not less than 114.

2 billion, 144.

900 million and 180.

0 billion, corresponding to 19 and 20 years performance growth rate of 23% and 24%.

In 19H1, the company achieved 64 billion US dollars, -20% a year. After the increase of land acquisition in the first half of the year, sales may rebound to a low level.

7 ‰, at least -20.

4%, mainly due to the shortage of funds before the launch of land sales; real estate such as 478.

7 trillion, -26 a year.

7%, but the decline was narrowed earlier than 19Q1 7.

2pct; sales area 550.

30,000 countries, at least -24.

Among them, the sales area outside Beijing accounted for 66%, an increase of 12 pct over 18 years, and the sales areas in Nanjing, Hangzhou and Zhengzhou reached 16%, 10%, and 24% respectively.

The company’s acquisition of land in 19H1 accelerated significantly. The amount of land acquisition was USD 12.3 billion, each time + 69%, and the amount of land acquisition was 26%., Accounting for 43% of the average sales price.

In terms of operating income, 38% of the revenue in the regions outside Beijing was realized, an increase of 7pct over the previous 18 years.

At the end of the 18th year, the company held 13.98 million cubic meters of unsold soil reserves under development + under construction; it is estimated that the newly started area in 1919 will be 11.98 million pixels, which is -39 per year compared with the previous year.

8%; the construction area is 4,219 general purpose, which is two years -3 from the previous year.

1%; the completed area is 10.37 million countries, which is +2 compared with the previous year.6%.

Deeply plowing into the metropolitan area, the development of industrial new city projects has accelerated, Wu Xiangdong joined, and business-oriented businesses are ready to develop. The company adheres to the core metropolitan area focus strategy to create a “3 + 3 + X” core urban circle pattern.

In 19H1, the company added five new PPP projects into the warehouse, all of which are located outside the port.

In the 19H1 Industrial Park, 328 new contracted enterprises entered the park, and the new contracted investment amount was 1,051.

5 ‰, +8 for ten years.

9%; of which, 266 new companies entered the park outside Beijing, and the new contracted investment was 939.

300 million, +20 per year.


19H1 company’s industrial service income 深圳丝袜会所 118.

7.5 billion, of which 87 outside Beijing.

7.4 billion, previously + 96%.

In addition, after Wu Xiangdong joined, the company’s commercial business gradually began to expand. In 19H1, it acquired the Beijing Lize Financial Business District project, which was funded by Ping An. The company developed and constructed the company and can operate management fees. Future development is expected.

In 19H1, the company received 39.7 billion in cash for the sale of goods and services, and the recovery rate (on-balance sheet sales / full-caliber sales) was 62%, + 16pct per year.

At the end of 19H1, the company’s asset-liability ratio and net debt ratio were 88.

1% and 225.

8%, +6 each year.

0 points and +129.

5pct, the increase in debt rate was mainly due to excessive short-term and increased.

The company’s financing balance is 1,818.

400 million, +61 a year.

1%; bank loans, bonds and trusts accounted for 28%, 41% and 31%, respectively; the average cost of increasing financing was 7.

23%, an increase of 0 from the end of 18 years.

8pct; the average cost of bank loans, bonds and trusts is 6.

41%, 6.

87% and 8.

60%, bond and trust financing costs have fallen significantly.

In addition, the company raised cash inflows of US $ 76.1 billion at the end of 19H1, every + 109%; it is expected that the company’s financing environment and debt structure will continue to be optimized after the company’s strategic cooperation with Ping An has steadily advanced.

Investment suggestion: Steady increase in performance, improvement in receivables, improvement of land, maintenance of “strong push” rating. As a leading industrial city operator in China, Xiaxia Happiness relies on the leading PPP market-oriented operation mechanism in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River.Triangle and other regions have in-depth layout of industrial new towns and industrial towns, and have good government relations and incremental land acquisition capabilities.

The proportion of 19H1 company’s external port sales continued to increase, while Ping An increased its holdings in February and currently holds 25 shares.

25%, fully indicating the recognition of the company’s business model and value, it will also improve the company’s financing capabilities, and once again consolidate its commitment to performance in the next three years.

As the company’s sales are temporarily below expectations, we lower the company’s 2019-21 earnings forecast to 4.

83, 6.

00 and 7.

31 yuan (5 before adjustment).

09, 6.

61 and 8.

57 yuan), corresponding to 19 years of PE only 5.

Four times, 18A, 19E dividend yields reached 4 respectively.

6% and 6.

5%, the sector is estimated to move downwards. We cut the target price to 33 based on the company’s 19 target PE.8 yuan, maintaining the “strong push” level.

Risk warning: the real estate industry’s policies are tightened, and the company’s funding situation is less than expected.

Ningbo Huaxiang (002048) 2019 Interim Report Comments: Q2’s Performance Significantly Increased to Good Thermoforming Business

Ningbo Huaxiang (002048) 2019 Interim Report Comments: Q2’s Performance Significantly Increased to Good Thermoforming Business

Event: Ningbo Huaxiang released the 2019 Interim Report: The company achieved operating income of 75 in the first half of 2019.

05 ten percent, +8.

1%, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.

1.6 billion, +40 a year.

0%, net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company after deduction.

40,000 yuan, +49 a year.

4%; of which, operating income was 38 in the second quarter.

26 trillion, +2 for ten years.

8%, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.

97 ppm, +52 a year.

6%, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies after deduction.

920,000 yuan, ten years +72.


Investment points: The performance is significantly better, and the thermoforming business contributed a major increase. The company’s net profit attributable to its mother in the first half of the year was 4.

160,000 yuan, an increase of 40 in ten years.

0%, of which Q2 returns to the net profit of the mother is 2.

970,000 yuan, an increase of 52 in ten years.

6%, an increase of 149.

0%, the unexpected growth in performance was mainly due to the heavy volume of thermoforming business.

The report reports that nine hot-formed steel production lines of Changchun Huaxiang, a subsidiary of the company, have been mass-produced, mainly supporting FAW-Volkswagen, including Tan Yue, T-ROC, Sagitar, Bora, Audi series and other models.Close.

650,000 yuan, an increase of 46 in ten years.

8%, net profit 1.

880,000 yuan, an increase of 249 in ten years.

0%, helping the company’s overall performance to achieve rapid growth.

It is expected that the value of the thermoformed bicycles will be as high as 1,500 yuan or more. After the gradual increase in production capacity and the increase in the number of downstream customer models, we believe that the thermoforming business will continue to contribute new amounts in the second half of the year, and it is expected to achieve revenues of more than $ 1 billion.

Overseas loss reduction continued to advance, which will definitely help improve the performance of Huaxiang Germany in the first half of the year8.

7.0 billion, a decrease of 9 per year.

0%, net profit -0.

53 trillion, a reduction of 3303 trillion a year.

The overseas business in the early stage is in a distorted twist. In 2017 and 2018, Huaxiang Germany replaced 2 respectively.

2.6 billion, 2.

USD 1.7 billion, due to product qualification rate problems, high labor costs, small scale interference and other factors, leading to repeated improvements.

At present, the company’s German factory business has been transferred to a normal factory, and the Mercedes-Benz MFA2 project it has undertaken has also started to mass-produce B-Class models. The increase in scale has improved operating conditions, and the MFA2 project has also achieved profitability.

Trim began to stop losses in August 2018. The work of reducing losses in overseas operations will help continue to advance and form a strong support for the company’s performance.

The gross profit margin increased significantly in Q2, and financial expenses increased. The company’s gross profit margin was 19 in the first half of the year.

8%, increasing by 0 every year.

7 averages; Q2 gross margin reached 21.

4%, an increase of 2 per year.9 units, an increase of 3 from the previous quarter.

2 units.

In terms of business, the gross profit margins of interior parts, exterior parts, metal parts and electronic parts were 19 in the first half of the year.

6%, 15.

7%, 17.

4%, 28.

6%, +3 each year.

8, -4.

7, + 5.

5, -4.

0 averages, of which the gross margin increase of metal parts is mainly due to the heavy volume of new business.

On the expense side, the company’s overall expense ratio (sales + management + R & D + finance) was 12 in the first half of the year.

1%, increasing by 0 every year.

2 units, of which mainly increased financial costs: financial expenses in the first half of 31.98 million yuan, an annual increase of 101.

2%, due to the increase in net exchange losses and the increase in index expenditure in the current period.

Earnings forecast and investment rating: Maintain “Buy” rating and raise the company’s EPS to 1 in 2019/2020/2021.



84 yuan, corresponding to the current expected PE is 7/6/5 times, the company’s heavy thermoforming business 杭州夜网 volume has an important role in boosting performance, the overseas industry has continued to reduce losses and losses, while continuing to increase profitability.Low-base forecast in the second half of the year, industry data improve expected growth, parts and components companies are expected to gradually repair expected.

The current company is expected to be in a depression and has been undervalued. Therefore, we maintain a BUY rating and continue to recommend it.

Risk reminder: the risk of increased sales in the domestic auto market; less-than-expected loss reduction in overseas business; lower-than-expected sales of downstream related customer models; and the risk of rising raw material costs.

Transsion Holdings: African mobile phone market leader focuses on emerging market structural upgrades

Transsion Holdings: African mobile phone market leader focuses on emerging market structural upgrades

Key points of investment: global feature phone overlord, Africa mobile phone market leader.

The company was founded in 2006 and is mainly engaged in the design and development, production and sales and brand operation of mobile phone terminals.

The target markets are concentrated 青岛夜网 in emerging countries such as Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

The company’s mobile phone rating for 2018 is 1.

2.4 billion units, with global market share injected 7.

04%, ranking fourth.

The volume of function machines is 90.22 million units, accounting for 72% of the total growth.


The main contribution of revenue is smart phones, accounting for about 70%.

The company ranks first in the African market with a market share of 48.


The Indian market ranks fourth with a market share of 6.


The company’s controlling shareholder is Chuanyin Investment, with a shareholding ratio of 56.


The actual controller is Zhu Zhaojiang, who holds a 20% investment.

68% equity.

Revenue and non-net profit increased rapidly, gross margin was on the upward path, and cash flow was good.

The company’s revenue increased rapidly in 17 years, but the growth rate in 18 years was a small margin. The revenue scale in 18 years reached 22.6 billion. The growth rates in the past two years were 72% and 13%, and the average annual compound intensity reached 39.


18-year net profit was 6.

600 million, and deducted non-net profit reached 12.

200 million, mainly due to the supplement of foreign exchange forward contracts.

In the past 2 years, non-net profit compound carbonization has reached 48%.

The gross profit margin has increased year by year, being 20 in the past three years.

6%, 21%, 24.

5%, mainly benefit from the rise in the price of the product itself and changes in the exchange rate of the US dollar.

The net operating cash flow in the past three years was 6.

200 million, 1.5 billion, 20.

700 million, all significantly higher than net profit.

Deeply cultivate emerging markets represented by Africa, with differentiated brands and local innovation as the core advantages.

The company has three major sub-brands, TENCO is positioned in the middle class of emerging markets, itel is positioned at the grassroots and value-oriented consumers, and Infinix is positioned at the young consumer group.

The multi-brand strategy comprehensively covers all segments of the African market, forming a larger and more solid barrier to competition for a single brand segmentation.

Based on a deep understanding of the needs of users in the African market, the company continues to make efforts to localize technological innovation.

For example, it is optimized for taking pictures of dark skin tones and optimizing face recognition, such as high-voltage fast charging technology and ultra-long standby.

The British pound is in line with local consumption levels. The average price of a feature phone is only 65 yuan, and the average price of a smart phone is only 450 yuan.

The upgrading of emerging market structures brings new incremental space.

According to IDC data, the emerging markets in Africa, India, the Middle East, and Indonesia as models accounted for 52 feature phones in 2018.56%, market share is still higher than smart phones.

With the continuous improvement of network infrastructure in emerging markets, the demand for smartphones is gradually improving, accounting for 10% in 2011.

67% increase to 47 in 2018.

44%, and the proportion is expected to further increase to 70 in 2022.

38%, significant growth space.

From the perspective of fund-raising projects, the company’s future development direction is mainly through expanding R & D and production capacity on smart phones, focusing on structural upgrades in emerging markets, and deploying on mobile Internet value-added services to promote sustainable growth in performance.

The company 杭州夜网论坛 adopts the first set of listing standards (market value + net profit / income), and it is recommended to use PE conversion.

The company is located in a stable growth period and has good profitability. It is recommended to use PE evaluation. The stock market can be benchmarked against Wingtech, and the Hong Kong stock market can be benchmarked against Xiaomi Group.

risk warning.

Beware of intensified competition for smartphones in emerging markets; beware of weak expansion in new markets

The hidden rules of workplace games

The “hidden rules” of workplace games

The situation in the workplace is unpredictable. During this period, the mystery is naturally overlaid with layers of mountains. Under the surface of a set of rules, there are surging hidden rules. How to deal with this unspeakable rule?
Here are some practical ways: 1. Establish interpersonal alliances 多 In the company, build close and friendly relationships with colleagues from different departments and different levels.
From the switchboard operator to the general manager secretary, you can have your friends from general affairs to finance. These “owners” will not only make your work happier, but also lend a helping hand when you need it.
What can we do to build an interpersonal alliance?
  □ Express a sincere interest in the work of others Understand his working conditions and hardships, show your compassion and pay attention to listening.
  □ Seeking Advice Another approach is to ask for advice.
“This is something that bothers me, and I have always thought that you have good judgment in this area. Can you give me some advice?
“It is always good to ask for advice from multiple parties, and it can subtly convey your appreciation and appreciation of the other party.
  □ Help others, do n’t ask for immediate returns. 主动 Proactively help colleagues within the scope of your ability is a win-win way to accumulate interpersonal assets.
A business person said well: “The more people owe me, the more people will help me in the future.
“So, when a colleague needs help next time, don’t forget to help!
  □ Don’t become enemies, even if you are not friends. Remember that the focus is on developing alliances, not on enemies.
Therefore, even if you can’t make the other person your own friend, don’t become a deadly opponent. Maintaining basic courtesy is an elegant performance.
  2、避免政治性错误的举止   有些举动绝对有害于你的政治表现,请提醒自己千万别误踩以下政治地雷:   □对你的上司轻视傲慢   不论是私底下,或是在公开场合,对你Your boss’s arrogance and contempt will only hurt you in turn.
Interrupting the boss’s jokes, publicly correcting his mistakes, and questioning his determination are all standard unwise actions.
  □ Leapfrog reports: Some business management experts believe that leapfrog reports are an effective “upward management” strategy.
However, most evidence suggests that this is likely to build a beam with the boss at the top.
Therefore, it is probably a more correct political action to report in advance and get the boss’s understanding before communicating with senior executives.
  □ Openly challenge the company’s beliefs Each company has some values and beliefs that are deeply believed. If you openly criticize these beliefs, it is easy to be labeled as “disloyal”.
  □ Receive deserved credit Anyway, grabbing credit is wrong.
Leadership robbing the subordinates will kill the morale of employees; grabbing the merits of colleagues is clearly an enemy; and robbing the superiors is to die.
Not to mention, this action is not elegant at all.
  □ Feel free to confession. Some people ca n’t hide a word, and when they see someone, they vomit bitterly (“I ‘m in this department.”.”), such a “truthful confession” that does not pick the object will only damage your image, and is more likely to give someone a reason why they are not suitable for this position because of being unscrupulous.
  3、给人帮助,要恰到好处   有些管理专家建议,如果你想要发挥人际互惠的最大效益,在给人帮助或好处时,可以掌握一些原则:不轻给(让对方觉得来之不易)、不Give indiscriminately (to choose an object), and not give indiscriminately (since you want to give, prefer to give generously).
  4. Politics is the art of compromise Please don’t forget that compromise is often necessary when fighting for and defending your rights.
If you take the lead in everything, it’s easy to be the target of criticism.
Not seeking a moment of victory, or even a strategic “minor triumph, major triumph”, will be a smart political action.
Because seeking for defeat can hide strength for more important timing.
But don’t lose without a fight, or you will cause dissatisfaction and doubt.
  5. Strength is the most solid power foundation Finally, I want to remind you that the basic skill of accumulating power is to accumulate professional strength.
Otherwise, fancy political art will not help.
As long as you can exert your wisdom, in the political game of the office, you will be able to come and go elegantly and become a real workplace star.

Some kind of physical action indicates that people are struggling inside

Some kind of physical action indicates that people are struggling inside

When exploring the nature of emotions and worries, it is inevitable that they must be pursued from the level of ultimate truth, which will inevitably involve the Buddhist concept of “high-level psychology”.

If this modern psychology vocabulary is used to explain the origin of the so-called “bitterness” of the Buddhists, it may be said that human suffering is mainly derived from the pursuit of survival guarantee, security and comfort, and all kinds of fun and avoidance are fictional.Therefore, a virtual world based on basic mental activities was subsequently transformed, and the possibility of connection with the true nature was lost.

  The so-called “authentic nature” here refers to a state of tranquility, clarity, and total openness, in which there is no need for self-insurance (including the obvious and implicit possibility of self-insurance), and because of knowing the nature of its existenceIt is perfect, so there is no need to learn from the camp to prove its worth.

Instead, the true nature does not contain the “self” structure.

But the paradoxical nature of human beings lies in having both a virtual ego and a perfect true nature.

From the superficial level, “self” is aggressive and “real nature” is passive and inactive, but from a fundamental point of view, “self” is a stubborn resistance to liberation, healing and perfection.Therefore, the correct cognition should be: there is the most active dissolution solute in the negative inaction.

  Because humans mistake the pursuit of self-preservation as a positive action, only certain expectations, requirements, judgments, certain and planned activities are constantly carried out in consciousness activities, and the bottom of these activities is accompanied by subtle concerns and waste., Self-doubt and low value; these thinking and emotional activities are extremely difficult to detect, because they operate too fast and are too easy to be identified, which makes us believe that they are true.

The “mindfulness” training mentioned in the column last time is to develop insights into these complex consciousness activities-a kind of self-perspective that will not be dragged by the nose, and then learn to worry with the bottom, low valueWait for the emotional energy to coexist.

  At the age of 38, I spent 10 months focusing on the experiment of mindfulness. At that time, I cut off all peripheral activities, not reading the newspaper, watching TV, not answering the phone, not talking to people, but focused on looking back.What happened in the inner world.

After 10 months, I have a very clear experience, and I found that the emergence of any thought involves a certain kind of subtle emotional energy, such as boring, lonely, wanting to have some fun, feel that I am not complete orNot ideal, etc.

Instead, the ego or brain consciousness always wants to create some activities to separate the “now”-the empty reality that has nothing to do with the past or the future.

Jung once used “unbearable stillness” (unbearable stillness) to describe this state of escape.

But why is silence so unbearable?

My mind is finally empty, isn’t it very liberated, why is there a driving force that wants to escape it?

  In the above questions, Krishnamurti made the following observations in my book “Lighting the Light of Nature” (the mainland incorporated it in “The Awakening of Love”), he said:  Your mind is the human mind as a whole. It has undergone continuous evolution and has been constrained by culture, religious beliefs, economic activities and social intervention.

  Such a brain has never stopped so far, and has found a sense of security in the never-ending activity.

. If you say to your brain, “Only store the knowledge that is necessary for your life, nothing else will be archived.

“Then your mind must be suddenly lost, because its operation is based on the need for a sense of security.

  In addition to wanting to ensure a sense of security through thoughts and emotional activities, the mind or self has a very strange height-not wanting to live in the body. Psychology calls it “separation of the human body”.

  During that 10-month retreat, I noticed that at least staying still for a long time will clearly reveal that many parts of the body are separated, and people with a little nervousness will be disturbed by this feeling of separation and become uneasy, so I can’t help butWe want to shift our goals and seek relief and solace in various ways.

But the purpose of the retreat is to reverse this tendency to avoid dilemmas. Moreover, self-prisoners have been selected, and I am sorry to run away. The situation is so realistic. You must face the inertia of “physical separation”.

When I turned around and started to face the various feelings on the body, I suddenly realized that I had stood up and drank tea. I imagined that I would travel to Spain in the future, and even twisted my body and grabbed my hands. It was basically a struggle and anxiety.A habitual response that cannot coexist with bilateral feelings.

  Many psychotherapists who adopt mindfulness training believe that focusing attention on the present and the body is the easiest thing for most people to do. The difficulty is far greater than all mental and productive activities.Reversing these inertias and giving yourself enough time to deeply experience these feelings of division of tightness, soreness, pain, and so on, may turn specific threats into energy flows of heat, pressure, or vibration.

At this time we have truly demonstrated “all impermanence” and “no phenomenon has eternal properties”.

Didn’t Professor Schleiber, who regularly writes columns for the Psychological Monthly, say, “Attention is an energy that can change what it touches.

“And the fundamental laws of quantum physics can already replace subatoms in all possible states, and it will not solidify into a kind of reality until the observer focuses on it.

Therefore, mindfulness practice is indeed like internal alchemy. It uses the equality of all impurities in the furnace (or called static indifference) to temper emotions and thoughts into a pure and clear state of being.

  If you want to use mindfulness in your daily life, you must first capture your own emotional reactions, otherwise these habits will inevitably dominate our cognition, making our relationships, work, and all our responses complicated.
In other words, we have to keep a part of our attention above the body at any time, and the other parts of our attention are placed on the interaction with people and objects, and we must pay attention to the emotions buried in the disturbing thoughts, and this emotion isFrom some deep-rooted early beliefs.

How is the tomato raw?

How is the tomato raw?

Then there will be many contradictions: the tomato is cooked and eaten white, and the vitamin C is wasted; the tomato is eaten raw and can not absorb lycopene.

As a result, consumers are facing the tomato, it is really difficult to the left, and the right is also difficult.

How to eat the best?

Let’s take a look at the results of foreign research.


hzh {display: none; }  在蔬菜当中,番茄是个非常与众不同的品种.
It can be used as both a fruit and a vegetable.

Although Westerners are used to cooking with tomatoes, ketchup and tomato sauce, most Chinese prefer to drink or eat raw.

In particular, the city’s deep red “Saint Fruit” and orange-red small tomatoes are basically used to make raw fruits.

  Then there will be many contradictions: the tomato is cooked and eaten white, and the vitamin C is wasted; the tomato is eaten raw and can not absorb lycopene.

As a result, consumers are facing the tomato, it is really difficult to the left, and the right is also difficult.
How to eat the best?

Let’s take a look at the results of foreign research.
  Researchers at the University of Iowa in the United States have found a group of graduate students to do something, let them eat a bowl of vegetable salad with tomatoes, but use different salad dressings.

The researchers attached a small plastic tube to their veins, and the brakes collected blood samples for measurement before and after eating.

  The students themselves felt that the salad dressing was similar, and the taste was similar.

However, in fact, the content of salad dressing is very different, some are normal 80% glutinous salad dressing, some are low-fat salad dressing, and some are simply replaced with cockroaches, the amount of absorbing snacks is zero.

  However, the results of the measurements are quite different.

Only when eating traditional salad dressing, the beneficial ingredients such as lycopene, carotene and lutein in the blood will increase significantly, and the effect of replacing the salad dressing with low fat or a small amount is very poor.

Therefore, the researchers said that although raw vegetables are very fashionable, no accidental cooking is very fashionable, but when eating dark-colored vegetables, a bit of oil is still good.

  However, this regret is not without a way to make up for it.

The researchers said that as long as they are chewed, chewed, cut into pieces, or shredded into the end, the carotenoid absorption rate will rise, because as long as the cells are destroyed, the carotenoids will easily run out.

In this sense, the carrots are slurried, and although the vitamin C is seriously lost, it is beneficial to absorb the carotene.

  The research published by Spanish scientists in the Journal of Food Science is very detailed.

They measured six cooking methods using 20 kinds of vegetables and compared the degree of loss of antioxidants.

Surprisingly, after casting, the antioxidant effect of carrots increased.

No matter how licking peas, garlic and beets, the losses are small.

It was found that the cooking method that best preserves the antioxidant component is microwave distillation, while the loss of boiling and high pressure cooking is greatest.

This is not because the cooking and high-pressure cooking temperatures are too high, or because the cooking is too bad, most of the antioxidants are dissolved in the water, and the result is less.

Many people throw away the boiled water after cooking, so that both nutrients and antioxidants are lost.

If you eat it with water, the loss is small.

  This is a pretty good news.

Compared with the foreign cooking method, which is raw or boiled, the cooking habits of Chinese people, or stir-fried or even stewed vegetables, will not cause too much loss to the antioxidants of vegetables.。  However, people do not have to stick to the “how to eat the best” statement.

Personally think that as long as it is your favorite, the oil is not much, the heating temperature is not too high, and your favorite is the best cooking method.

Because, even if there is a partial loss, even if the absorption rate is not satisfactory, as long as you eat more, you can make up.

And those nutrients without loss, crushed potassium, some fibers, we will get more.

And those who are hard to believe in swallowing, even if there seems to be no loss in nutrition, the final result is too little.  Therefore, if you want to eat the tomato as a fruit, or to make it into a juice, you don’t have to worry about it.

The key is whether the stomach is cold after eating and whether it will diarrhea.

If you don’t have this kind of problem, eat it according to your appetite.